Laboratory Technician I

Payroll Title: UCP III
Class Code: 0301-9083
Job Family: TLR
FLSA Code: N
Score: 450


Under the supervision of designated supervisor and/or faculty member, provides entry level technical support for the instructional laboratory programs of an academic department.


This position is considered entry-level.  Incumbents would be expected to apply Bachelor’s level principles and skills to implement and test the effectiveness of prescribed laboratory procedures.  Incumbents would be expected to detect gross errors and make minor modifications, but work would be monitored by supervisor.


  1. Prepares and/or tests routine laboratory experiments to ensure such experiments will demonstrate the intended scientific principle or procedure for which the experiment was designed.
  2. Identifies and resolves routine problems with methods and techniques to ensure or improve the effectiveness of the demonstration, with periodic recourse to supervisor.
  3. Assists in modifying experiments to incorporate new technology.
  4. Participates in meetings to plan or evaluate lab experiments; makes modifications to incorporate suggestions for improvement.
  5. Assists in editing and updating lab manuals in assigned area of responsibility, and keeps current on new procedures.
  6. Prepares reagents, media, stains, enzymes, solutions and other lab supplies or apparatus needed to carry out the laboratory exercise; maintains cultures, collections and other lab needs; if applicable, assists in transporting, treating and marking live animals.
  7. Assists students and instructors with routine technical problems related to laboratory procedures and equipment.
  8. Monitors supplies and informs supervisor or needs or shortages.
  9. Sets up and maintains laboratories, under general direction of supervisor.
  10. Assists in routine maintenance and minor repair of lab equipment and related apparatus to ensure proper working order.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in technical specialty appropriate to department to be served and 0 – 1 year experience, or equivalent education and experience.
  2. Familiarity with concepts, practices and standard laboratory procedures, including safety procedures, in the technical specialty.
  3. Ability to explain laboratory procedures.


Date Created: 6/28/1985