Licensed Architect/Professional Engineer

Payroll Title: UCP X
Class Code: 1035-09090
Job Family: FAC
FLSA Code: E
Score: 681


Under the general direction of a designated supervisor in the Department of Architectural and Engineering Services (AES), provides services as an engineer (electrical, mechanical, plumbing, structural, civil) or architect for the University.  This includes project designs and legally certifying that design documents are compliant with all Connecticut General Statutes, codes and federal regulations.


  1. Prepares designs, plans, estimates, and specifications of projects within specialty area relative to building construction, renovations and alterations.  This includes stamping and sealing drawings as an Architect per Chapter 390 or stamping and sealing drawings as an Engineer per Chapter 391.
  2. Provides general support in specialty area regarding systems, systems performance, and code compliance matters for assigned projects and ensures Federal and State regulatory compliance issues are considered and addressed properly.
  3. Certifies that plans and specifications are in full compliance with the Connecticut Building and Fire Safety Codes through stamping and sealing of drawings.
  4. Reviews plans and specifications to determine adequacy of design within specialty area.
  5. Prepares and coordinates preliminary surveys and planning requirements as requested.
  6. Evaluates University needs within specialty area and makes recommendations to change and/or modify existing contracts.
  7. Oversees, analyzes and interprets reports and test results to ensure contract work is in compliance with design recommendations.
  8. Analyzes facility-related problems and recommends solutions.
  9. Oversees the work efforts and cooperates with consultants in developing projects; participates in meetings with consultants, agencies and project staff to establish and maintain work schedules and resolve problems/questions.
  10. Serves as a resource to University of Connecticut Division of Public and Environmental Safety in matters regarding design, planning, budget and cost analysis, and regulatory compliance issues.
  11. May be required to perform typical bidding and construction related activities including response to Requests for Clarification during bidding, addenda, and information during construction, shop drawing review, submittal approvals, and field observations of different site conditions, as required by construction administrators.
  12. Performs construction administration duties; directs the workflow and supervises the processing of administrative paperwork; reviews paperwork for accuracy and adherence to policies and procedures.
  13. Coordinates the work of other design professional as required to incorporate the work into a single set of construction documents.
  14. May conduct field observations of the work of contractors and in such instances report findings to the proper construction administration officials.
  15. Conducts all work in accordance with Architectural & Engineering Services Department Policy & Procedure Manual; makes recommendations for changes and improvements as needed.
  16. Maintains current knowledge and professional expertise through review of professional journals, memberships with state, national and professional organizations, attendance at meetings, conferences and seminars, and other professional activities related to professional development.
  17. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in the appropriate discipline AND eight years professional experience in engineering, architecture or construction.
  2. Professional registration and/or required licenses/certifications in appropriate discipline necessary for sealing and signing documents in accordance with Chapter 390 (for architects) or Chapter 391 (for engineers) of the Connecticut General Statutes Section.
  3. Demonstrated ability to design and interpret blueprints and specifications.
  4. Ability to work with a variety of university staff, governing agencies and contractors.
  5. Sound knowledge of licensed professional specialty as well as knowledge of building codes and professional codes within specialty area.

Created: 10/7/05

Revised: 10/12/07