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UCPEA Leave Type: Personal Illness/Injury (Non-Work Related)

Job Protection and Benefit Continuation

Federal FMLA

  • Eligible after one year of employment and after working 1,250 hours or more in previous 12-months
  • Up to 12 weeks of leave during 12-month FMLA period
  • May be taken intermittently or on a reduced schedule
  • Continued eligibility for state contributions toward health insurance (directly billed as needed)

CT State Statute 5-248a

  • Eligible as a permanent employee as defined in CT State Statute 5-196(20)
  • Up to 24 weeks of unpaid leave within a two-year period  (leave must be for more than 5 days)
  • Cannot be taken intermittently or on a reduced schedule
  • Begins when you exhaust all personally earned sick pay
  • May substitute accruals, such as vacation time
  • Continued eligibility for state contributions toward health insurance (directly billed as needed)

Note:  Leaves for employees with end date positions will not be extended beyond the end date.

Your medical condition may also qualify for accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ADA Information.

How the Leave is Paid

Paid using sick leave entitlements.

Optional paid time that can be applied to the leave

  • Vacation
  • Personal leave
  • Holidays worked
  • Compensatory time

Sick Leave Bank

  • Eligible when paid leave options (from above) are exhausted
  • For very serious or catastrophic illness or injury
  • Application and documentation submitted for union committee review

University may grant additional sick time beyond sick leave bank allocations. Note:  Employees enrolled in the Alternate Retirement Program (ARP) are automatically covered by a long-term disability policy that begins paying benefits after a six-month waiting period


How to Apply for Leave

Employees are required to apply for long-term leaves of absence through CORE-CT at the UCONN employee self-service portal located at


Medical Certification (P-33A)
Application to Sick Leave Bank Committee
Medical Leave Extension Beyond Entitlements


Time Coding During the Leave

Time Coding instructions are provided to employees and their supervisors by the Leave Administrator.

Returning to Work

Must provide Fitness for Duty certification (last page of Medical Certification, P-33A)


Policy References

Understanding Family and Medical Leave (A primer for Connecticut State Employees)
Federal Family and Medical Leave Act
Federal Family and Medical Leave Act in Spanish
U.S. Dept. of Labor Employee’s Guide to FMLA
Connecticut Statute
C.G.S. 5-248a
C.G.S. 5-196(20)
Statewide Family and Medical Leave Policy
UCPEA Contract Article 6 Vacation Leave
Article 8 Holidays
Article 9 Personal Leave
Article 11 Sick Leave
Article 15.4 Leaves Without Pay
Article 33.3 Disability Insurance
Long Term Disability Certificate


Human Resources Contact

Cindy Drost
Telephone: (860) 486-2432
Fax: (860) 486-0406