Manager – Athletic Equipment Services

Payroll Title: UCP IX
Class Code: 0951-9089
Job Family: FAC
FLSA Code: E
Score: 667


Under the general direction of the Associate Director, manages the Athletic Equipment Services Unit of the Division of Athletics, providing equipment and services to support University intercollegiate sports and student-athletes.


  1. Manages the services and day-to-day operations of the Athletic Equipment Room that has centralized responsibility for all athletics equipment purchases and inventory. Evaluates and monitors effectiveness of services, policies and procedures; identifies problems and institutes changes, or recommends major changes.
  2. Updates and improves policies and procedures to accommodate for future growth of operations.
  3. Hires, trains and supervises Equipment Services staff. Determines work assignments and work schedules to accommodate the extended hours and complex scheduling of collegiate practices and sporting events.
  4. Oversees the procurement of all athletic equipment and uniforms following evaluation of current equipment utilizing cost effective strategies. Makes decisions regarding the appropriateness of requested expenditures and authorizes expenditures within broad guidelines.
  5. Consults with Head Coaches on specific equipment needs while evaluating health and safety issues. Provides guidance on uniforms and equipment material, style and manufacturer.
  6. Researches and provides background information as needed by the Division when negotiating contracts involving apparel, equipment and services related to athletic equipment operations.
  7. Oversees the maintenance of a continuous inventory of all athletic equipment and conducts a seasonal equipment inventory for each assigned sport.
  8. Oversees distribution and set-up of equipment to all University sports facilities in coordination with Head Coaches and Team Managers.
  9. Keeps abreast of advances in the field of equipment services and participates in professional organizations.
  10. Ensures adherence to University, State and NCAA policies and procedures, including Title IX, regarding the issuance of equipment for all intercollegiate sports.
  11. Ensures proper fitting and maintenance of all sports equipment including helmets and pads to provide a safe environment for student athletes. Must remain current with evolving safety standards that are necessary to reduce liability.
  12. Coordinates the transportation and set-up of athletic equipment to practices, off campus competitions and events, adjusting as needed to accommodate last minute schedule changes.
  13. Ensures the availability of equipment support for visiting teams and officials.
  14. Oversees varsity awards program ordering and distribution, such as varsity jackets, watches and senior rings, in compliance with NCAA regulations.
  15. Coordinates laundry room operations for assigned sports to ensure that game uniforms, practice clothes, warm-up suits, etc., are laundered and ready for distribution to student-athletes on a daily basis or as needed.
  16. Coordinates equipment operations for special Division of Athletics events, including Legislator basketball games, regular season tournaments and Conference and NCAA championship events, as requested.
  17. Performs other related duties as requested by the Associate Director of Athletics/Internal Operations


  1. Bachelor’s degree and five years experience in a NCAA Division IA University or College equipment services setting.
  2. Certification by American Equipment Managers Association.
  3. Knowledge of the standards issued by OSHA for exposure control for blood-borne pathogens.
  4. Knowledge of NCAA rules and regulations as well as Title IX guidelines.
  5. Knowledge of all types of athletic equipment and its proper use, fitting and maintenance.
  6. Willingness to work irregular hours, holidays and weekends.

Date Scored: 6/10/2005