Manager – Financial Services

Payroll Title: UCP VIII
Class Code: 0811-9088
Job Family: FIS
FLSA Code: E
Score: 628


Under the general direction of a designated Administrator, manages the financial services of a department, division or school in accordance with sound fiscal controls and practices and applicable statutes, regulations and policies.


This position is intended to manage/oversee collections, billings and other fiscal services in a moderate to large department/division.


  1. Implements and manages computerized financial control systems; participates in establishing and updating policies and procedures for financial services.
  2. Assists in the planning, direction, coordination and control of staff in their respective areas of responsibility including the recruitment and selection of personnel, and the preparation of all necessary forms affecting employee status.
  3. Prepares financial statements, schedules and reports in conformance with established procedures and regulations.
  4. Maintains special accounts, records and reports for Federal and internal funding and controls.
  5. Assists in accurate maintenance of general and subsidiary ledgers, journals and accounts.
  6. Supervises staff in cash management area and assigns /monitors staff workload.
  7. Trouble shoots and assists with resolving fiscal problems; may contact sponsors to pursue collection.
  8. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in accounting, business administration or related area
  2. At least five years as a senior accountant with supervisory responsibility of a revenue collection department in a public agency
  3. Knowledge of methods and techniques required in the collection of and the accounting for, money.
  4. Knowledge of the regulations and policies governing financial control of University monies
  5. Supervisory and office management ability
  6. Knowledge of computer operations in the collection, recording and deposit of University monies

Date Created: 06/28/85
Date Revised: 08/18/99