Media Producer II

Payroll Title: UCP VIII
Class Code: 0856-9088
Job Family: COM
FLSA Code: E
Score: 617


Under the general direction of designated supervisor or administrator, provides creative and technical expertise in planning and producing highly complex media materials and programs which are designed to achieve desired results or elicit desired response from target audience; serves as project leader for large complex media productions.


Incumbents in this position are expected to be highly skilled in an area of media specialization such as graphics, writing, multi-media authoring, instructional development, etc. and be able to produce and direct programs in two of the following areas: video, audio, graphic design, photography, multi-media authoring, web development. (Media Producer III functions in three areas.) Incumbents are expected to function independently. The focus of this position is on the creative and technical skills needed to generate concepts and produce complex media programs, using a wide variety of sound and visual effects and techniques to achieve the most effective end result. Emphasis of the position will depend on incumbent’s area of specialization.


  1. Provides highly skilled services in area of media specialization, e.g., writes, produces and directs audio, video or other media programs to augment and enhance the public relations program of the University as well as for various University departments and outside clients, for distribution over broadcast (commercial and non-commercial) and/or non-broadcast systems.
  2. Designs facilities, including video/photo studios, editing systems and mobile field production units capable of producing broadcast quality programs at remote locations.
  3. Designs and produces original images, animations, multi-media, special effects and other graphics services for the University and other clients.
  4. Designs comprehensive media support for academic courses and training programs, utilizing print and non-print media, in a variety of content areas; selects and evaluates media strategies; designs and implements test and measurement procedures used to evaluate courses and media materials produced.
  5. Records audio, mix audio and media with audio.
  6. Processes film and makes prints from files.
  7. Serves as project leader for major media productions; plans and coordinates production schedule, script writing, format selection, program design, client goals, topic research, techniques to be employed to produce most effective program; prepares budget and reports, supervises and trains production crews as needed to complete assigned projects.
  8. Plans and oversees the activities of a major media function, such as multi-media authoring, graphics, instructional development, etc…; trains and supervises professional and support staff; determines work assignments and coordinates workflow; determines policies and procedures for such functions; establishes short and long term goals and recommends future directions; prepares budget recommendations; approves expenditures within established guidelines and prepares required reports.
  9. Serves as a consultant and resource to the University community, in area of media specialization, regarding effective use of media programs and technology to achieve desired result.
  10. Plans the most effective use of facilities and equipment, recommends improvements in current facilities and makes recommendations regarding the utilization of new technology; prepares bid specifications and supervises the installation of new equipment.
  11. Conducts workshops, seminars and other training programs in the use of media technology.
  12. Recruits projects from external university sources which are revenue producing; seeks donations of equipment and material from external sources.
  13. Provides support to other projects to ensure successful completion of projects.
  14. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in the field of instructional media and technology or related field and experience in specific applied areas.
  2. Three years professional experience.
  3. Ability to produce and direct high quality programs in two of the following areas: video, audio, graphic design, photography, multi-media authoring, web development.
  4. Demonstrated skills in a major media specialization, such as graphics, curriculum development, multi-media authoring, script writing, etc…, as required by the position.
  5. Demonstrated ability to generate program concepts and translate concepts into high quality effective media programs.
  6. Demonstrated knowledge of media technology as it applies to a University setting
  7. Demonstrated ability to work constructively with production staff and clients.
  8. Ability to teach seminars and training workshops


  1. Advanced degree in related field

Date Created: 2/5/1986