Media Specialist V

Payroll Title: UCP VIII
Class Code: 0856-9088
Job Family: COM
FLSA Code: E
Score: 617


Under the direction of designated administrator, manages aspects of the University’s public relations programming and participates in the overall planning and development of strategies designed to promote the university and its programs.


Incumbents in this position are expected to 1) independently produce audio, video and/or web-based programs, from conception to final product and 2) participate in decisions regarding the use of their product in the University’s overall public relations and marketing programs.  Incumbents are considered to be senior level media specialists with some management responsibilities.


  1. Serves as part of the overall planning team for marketing of the university in area of specialization, including the development and implementation of strategy.
  2. Conceptualizes, supervises and manages presentations of the University’s image through audio, video and/or web-based programming and supervises staff providing support in the production of these programs.
  3. Plans, scripts, narrates and/or moderates and produces radio, television, video and/or web-based programs for use in the university’s public relations and marketing programs.
  4. Meets with members of the university community to guide uniformity of the university’s image and for promotion of individual programs in media area of specialization.
  5. Responds to emergency and/or immediate public information needs as required by University administration.
  6. Serves as consultant to university administration, staff and faculty members in matters pertaining to specific media specialty and the University’s public image
  7. Researches, writes, checks facts and edits news and feature stories for university publications.
  8. Develops story ideas for University Publications; conducts interviews with appropriate individuals as needed to develop and fact check stories.
  9. Works with university photographers and designers to obtain photos and images for designated subjects and treatments to accompany promotions of the university.
  10. Keeps up to date on current affairs, the press, the electronic media, public relations and other programming used to promote colleges/universities in area of specialization.
  11. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, information technology or closely related field
  2. At least five years of experience in web, audio, or video production, two years of which include management or supervision of staff and projects.
  3. Evidence of masterful writing, scripting, audio and video editing, voice narration and web production.
  4. Ability to meet deadlines, take initiative and willingness to work flexible hours when activities fall outside normal working hours.
  5. Tact and superior interpersonal/communications skills and techniques
  6. Knowledge of media operations and the needs of constituents
  7. Ability to be a self-starter and work without guidance; ability to make instant judgments based on sound public relations and marketing communications practice and experience

Date Revised: 12/99