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Medical Plan Eligibility

As an employee, it’s important for you to understand your eligibility for coverage under the State medical plan, who you can cover and the specific costs and requirements that are associated with your plan.

Employee Eligibility for Medical Plans:

Unless otherwise specified in an applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement, or by specific terms of employment, an employee must work at least 50% of the hours of a full-time equivalent employee to be eligible for a medical benefit plan.

Dependent Eligibility for Medical Plans:

Your legally married spouse or civil union partner.

Your children, including stepchildren and adopted children, up to age 26 for medical and age 19 for dental.

Children residing with you for whom you are legal guardian (to age 18) unless proof of continued dependency is provided.

Disabled children may be covered beyond age 26 for medical or age 19 for dental, with proper documentation from the medical insurance carrier.


Please Note: Documentation of an eligible relationship is required when you enroll a family member. Please notify benefits when any dependent is no longer eligible for coverage.

Dependant Proof Chart