Microcomputer Support Consultant II

Payroll Title: UCP VII
Class Code: 0796-9087
Job Family: DPS
FLSA Code: E
Score: 556


Under the general supervision of designated supervisor, provide advanced hardware, software and data communications product installation and support; computer instruction and documentation; and consultation services to users within the department/division/school.


  1. Analyze and diagnose computer hardware/software/data communication problems for a variety of computer users and correct or recommend corrective solutions to errors, requiring knowledge of all aspects of microcomputer technology.
  2. Provide personal consultation, and/or design and teach workshops in support of any hardware/software/data communications products acquired by departmental users.
  3. Install, debug, test, track, monitor, perform cost/benefit analysis and recommend for purchase a wide range of microcomputer software and hardware products, including major maintenance and coordination of warrantee and other repair work with outside vendors.
  4. Prepare documentation to improve user knowledge and correct usage of departmental computing facilities.
  5. May support existing departmental mainframe activities, investigate new technology and provide mainframe-programming services.
  6. Direct and supervise several student computer consultants.
  7. Consult with a variety of computer users to analyze, recommend or implement the application of hardware/software/data communications products to their computing needs, including systems analysis, programming and database design.
  8. Facilitate computer usage through a variety of means, which may include surveys, reports in newsletters, attendance at meetings, exhibitions and conferences, tours of computing facilities and participation in national/regional/campus groups relating to computer activities.
  9. Perform related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in a computer related field, or equivalent combination of education and training AND several years of related experience.
  2. In depth knowledge of microcomputer hardware, software and data communications
  3. Demonstrated working knowledge of University mainframe software.
  4. Ability to interact successfully with novice and experienced computer users.
  5. Ability to teach all aspects of computer skills including programming and database design.
  6. Good written and oral communications skills.

Date Created: 9/11/91