Museum Exhibit Designer

Payroll Title: UCP VI
Class Code: 0667-9086
Job Family: COM
FLSA Code: E
Score: 548


Under the direction of designated supervisor, performs duties related to the design, construction, installation and presentation of museum exhibitions.


  1. Is responsible for museum carpentry and fabrications, including projects which require use of Plexiglas, plastic laminates, glass, wood or metal; makes and repairs frames and other exhibit projects; cuts mats, mounts photographs and art work, does dry mounting of photographs.
  2. Serves as designer or design consultant for methods of construction and installation of exhibits, special equipment and remodeling of facilities; and serves as draftsman for planning, as required.
  3. Mounts, installs and dismounts museum’s exhibitions, resolving problems of design and installation; delivers and assists in installation of exhibits at off site locations.
  4. Serves as troubleshooter for repair and maintenance of museum vehicles and special equipment and for building systems such as air conditioning, heating, lighting, security, fire protection.
  5. Draws and depicts scientifically-exact representations of life forms, scientific phenomena, research instruments and other complex scientific information; with strict emphasis on measurement, structure, relationships, points of differentiation and identification as required to ensure communication of technical ideas and information accurately and clearly.  Drawings are often created from general outlines or descriptions; may be computer generated.
  6. Designs and constructs 3-dimensional models to illustrate scientific phenomena; draws 3-dimensional graphs and charts which visually portray complex relationships and require careful attention to balance and clarity.
  7. Prepares complex camera ready mechanical for production; selects photographs or illustrations, specs type, prepares layout and paste-up, selects color and paper stock.
  8. Assists in design of publications; collaborates with writers, editors and other production staff to produce a coordinated finished product.
  9. Researches ideas and materials presented for exhibit and makes decisions regarding proper visual interpretation; recommends solutions to design problems; serves as a consultant regarding most effective design and techniques to produce desired visual effect and educational message.
  10. Recommends ways to meet exhibit needs within budget limits.
  11. Supervises maintenance personnel who assist in construction, installation and maintenance of exhibits.
  12. Controls inventory of installation equipment and supplies.  Prepares orders for all shop materials.
  13. Is responsible for the maintenance, repair and use of museum lighting systems and is responsible, with the supervisor, for responding to museum emergencies and facilitating emergency repairs.
  14. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in graphic design or related field, or equivalent experience and training
  2. Two to three years on-the-job experience in graphic design or technical illustration
  3. Evidence of creative or technical ability as demonstrated by portfolio.
  4. Ability to work with clients, take initiative, meet deadlines and work both independently and in collaboration with others.
  5. Ability to be responsible for multiple projects at one time.
  6. Ability to solve complex technical or design problems.
  7. Demonstrated knowledge of fabrication and drafting skills using wood, metal and plastic, basic electrical and mechanical skills.
  8. Supervisory ability and ability to work with others in a public service operation.


  1. Skills in computer-aided design and desk top publishing.

Date Created: 2/8/89