Network Technician 4

Payroll Title: UCP XI
Class Code: 1107-9092
Job Family: DPS
FLSA Code: E
Score: 755


Under administrative review, designs and implements highly specialized portions of large advanced networking systems or network applications, provides highly specialized diagnostics and problem resolution of complex interrelated systems, prototypes and implements new network architectures and maintains networking systems for University network services and operations to academic, administration and student users.  This position must fully understand all levels of the Open Systems Interconnect model and the interrelationships between extremely complex network systems.


This position is to be used for the highest level of networking professional. Individuals considered for this position must be highly independent and capable of understanding and evaluating the most complex networking interrelationships and complexities in one or more highly specialized areas.  As this is an extremely focused technical position, management and supervisory functions are not necessarily required functions of this job title.


  1. Analyzes, diagnoses and resolves extremely complex network problems in large integrated systems for a variety of users, recommends and implements corrective solutions to be applied to network hardware or software, and requiring knowledge of a wide range of network hardware and software both in the specialized area of knowledge and in the larger Voice, Video and Data network communications fields
  2. Supports, maintains and develops highly specialized areas of advanced networking requiring a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the UNIX operating system development, Windows NT Server, Visual Programming Languages, Advanced Intelligent Networks, Integrated Services Digital Networks, Lucent 5ESS Switch Translations, Asynchronous Transfer Mode, Radio Frequency Spectrum Analysis, RS170A Baseband Video, Packet and Cell and circuit switched routing methods and implementation (at Physical, Network, Protocol and Applications Levels), IPX, Appletalk, TCP/IP, RIP, OSPF, BGP4, Optical systems design, Hybrid Fiber/Coax, BICSI RCDD, SNMP MIB , Motion JPEG, MPEG-II 601, ATM SVC/PVC implementation and and/or Central Office evolution.
  3. Evaluates, debugs, tests, tracks, monitors and recommends advanced large-scale networking components which may include routers, advanced switching platforms, network monitoring and diagnosis tools, video compression devices, and wide area networking components.
  4. Writes technical specifications for the purchase and acquisition of networking hardware and software after evaluating and recommending the suitability of hardware and software for specific advanced large-scale projects. Maintains vendor relationships as required.
  5. Integrates multiple disparate components of large complex network systems including physical network layout, topology design, and interconnection design for projects including evaluation of user requirements, determination of congruity with long range strategic planning.
  6. Assesses long range capacity and application needs and recommends strategic planning directions based on determinations and industry trends.
  7. May direct or supervise one or more full time or student staff members. Delegates responsibility and supervises project implementation as required.
  8. Assists with ensuring the continuous, uninterrupted availability and functionality of the University networking systems and responds to emergency network outages and repair requests and/or off-peak network implementations as required for maintaining optimum service levels with minimal interruptions to users and network downtime.
  9. Leads planning, implementation and resolution of complex large scale advanced network system integration issues across multiple disparate platforms and technologies, often at multiple locations, to create user-oriented integrated networking systems in concert with larger University strategic planning efforts.
  10. Prepares and maintains formats and procedures for logging, reporting and statistically monitoring data including applications programming for reports generation.
  11. Prepares and provides technical documentation and project plans for technical staff members.
  12. Provides final level technical escalation and assistance in effective support network problems/activities. Includes vendor technical expertise if necessary.
  13. Supports advanced intelligent network projects, collaborative engineering and research projects, which may include electronics engineering, equipment manufacture and alpha/beta implementation of first run components and or software implementation.
  14. Maintains knowledge of emergency response plans and actively participates in the restoration of network services in the event of an emergency.
  15. Provides technical guidance, network evolution planning or other specialized advice to the management.
  16. Understands the technical environment at the University and is able to analyze and balance technical decision making and planning together with long range departmental, University and State strategic planning and positioning.
  17. Continuously develops and implements new technologies.
  18. Performs other duties as required.


  1. Advanced Degree (Masters or Doctorate) in networking technology field or documented equivalent combination of training and experience.
  2. Seven to Ten years related experience in the general voice, data and/or video fields, which includes advanced design and implementation of large-scale network systems.  Specialized experience and knowledge of at least three areas of specialty as identified.
  3. Demonstrated ability to work well with people, to understand, isolate and repair multiple complex inter-related technical problems, to work well under stress and to develop and successfully execute extremely complex plans and strategies.
  4. Superior communication and writing skills.

Date Created: 11/1/98