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New Child


Eligibility for Medical and Dental Insurance

To add your child to your current medical and/or dental coverage, you will need to request a personalized benefits enrollment form. You must return the completed form within 31 days following birth or adoption. If you have questions, please contact Human Resources at 860-486-3034.

Beneficiary Changes

Life Insurance
If you are enrolled and wish to change your beneficiary, you must request a form:

Basic Life Insurance through the State of Connecticut (Dearborn National):   request a personalized beneficiary change form from Benefits: Request for Personalized Life Insurance Beneficiary Form.  If you have questions, please contact Tony Velez or call (860) 486-0425.

Aetna Group Universal Life Insurance, contact Charles Dyson, College Benefits Group, at (860) 429-9000.

Voya Universal Life, contact Voya at (800) 842-8444.

If you wish to change your beneficiary, complete a new form and send the original to Benefits at U5075. If you have questions, please contact Tony Velez or call (860) 486-0425.

Designation of Retirement System Tier-Plan-Beneficiary (CO-931h)
Prudential Beneficiary Designation (ARP, 403(b) and 457 participants)

Other Benefits to Consider

Find information about breast feeding at work, childcare resources and more.

Supplemental Benefits
Review Life Insurance, Disability Insurance and Additional Benefits in which you are enrolled and need to make changes, or not enrolled to determine if they may be of interest.

Tax Withholding
If you wish to change your tax withholding to reflect the change in your marital status and deductions go to Employee Self Service.

Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP)
If you will be utilizing day care providers, you may want to consider enrolling in a Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP). DCAP allows you to use pre-tax dollars to pay for qualified dependent care expenses. For more information, visit the State Comptroller website.

Extension of Tenure Clock
If you are a tenure-track faculty member, you qualify for an automatic extension of your tenure clock. Contact Human Resources for additional information at (860) 486-3034.

Leave of Absence
If you will be taking a leave of absence, visit Family and Medical Leave for forms and information.

Employee Assistance Program
If you are experiencing problems on or off the job, call an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) representative for free confidential counseling and referral services. Information is available at the EAP website.