Payout of Accruals at Employment Separation (Non-Transfers)


Once you have submitted your written notice of resignation, you no longer have a guarantee of your job should you wish to rescind your resignation or extend your resignation date.

Employees Maximum (days)
Statewide Bargaining Units:
Maintenance and Service (CEUI) (NP-2)
Administrative Clerical (AFSCME) (NP-3)
Police and Fire (NP-5)
Social and Human Services (AFSCME) (P-2)
Administrative and Residual (A&R) (P-5)
Hired 7/1/1977 or later – 60
Hired prior to 7/1/1977 – 120
Management/Confidential 60

Holidays Worked/T-Time

Employees will be paid for any unexpired holidays worked/T-Time.

Personal Leave (PL Days)

There is no payout of PL days at employment separation.

Sick Leave

Sick leave that is accrued and unused is payable only:

  1. For time accrued or “banked” while in a statewide bargaining unit, and
  2. Upon retirement or death.

Sick leave is paid out at a rate of one-fourth of daily salary to a maximum of 60 days.
UCPEA, Management and Confidential employees are not in a statewide bargaining unit and as such do not receive a payout of sick time.

Compensatory Time

UCPEA employees receive a payout of compensatory time only if they are in a non-exempt UCPEA position at the time of employment separation.


A prorated longevity payment is made only upon transition from active employment to retirement or upon death.

If you have questions about payout of accruals at employment separation, contact the Payroll Department at (860) 486-2423.