Performance Management Tools

Performance Management Tools and Processes for Managers and Supervisors
Reference the thumbnails below for information & tools you may use for general performance management.

Important Note

The performance management process highlighted on this page is not intended to replace collective bargaining specified performance evaluations programs. It is meant to provide general guidance to University managers and supervisors regarding commonly accepted best practices for performance management. If you are looking for contractually specified evaluation forms visit the Faculty & Staff Labor Relations Forms page.


The following basic 4 step performance management process is designed to ensure managers and their direct reports have regularly planned time in which to set annual goals, actively manage work output in relationship to goals, and to discuss job performance on an ongoing basis. It is a flexible model and can be adapted to suit various employment populations at the university’s needs.


Gillian Thorne, Director of the High School Co-op program

July – August

During this first step, direct reports and managers meet to collaboratively discuss organizational and individual goals. Once goals are agreed to, managers then document the job responsibilities, accountability and measures for performance which are directly tied to each goal. For additional information, tools and resources to complete this step, please visit Setting Goals & Expectations.


January – February

In this second step, direct reports and managers review overall job performance since the time of goal setting, review progress on goals; constructively discuss work outcomes, acknowledge successes and challenges and adjust organizational and individual goals as business needs dictate. For additional information, tools and resources to complete this step, please visit Mid-Year Goal Check.


Steve Werth, QCW electrician, Facilities Operations
June – July

In the year end review, managers meet with direct reports in a joint process to review the direct report’s success in carrying out the performance plan during the entire performance cycle. This is typically know as year-end review or the annual performance evaluation. For additional tools, forms and resources to complete this step, please visit Year End Review.

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