Program Manager – Educational Outreach

Payroll Title: UCP VII
Class Code: 0727-9087
Job Family: EDU
FLSA Code: E
Score: 550


Under the direction of designated supervisor, is responsible for the coordination and implementation of an externally funded educational training program in a field of specialization, requiring an advanced understanding of the subject matter and its practical application.


  1. Participates in the planning, development, design, implementation and evaluation of activities to achieve program objectives.
  2. Conducts background studies and collects necessary data relevant to the project and plans training program according to client needs.
  3. Plans and conducts statewide seminars, workshops, and training programs to disseminate information, introduce methods and train field staff.
  4. Establishes contacts and liaison with community members and officials of local, State and/or federal agencies related to the program.
  5. Administers grant resources according to appropriate agency and college regulations, including preparation of required reports; monitors budget expenditures and maintains fiscal records.
  6. Plans, develops and implements methods and techniques in the area of specialization, in coordination with other field practitioners and faculty.
  7. Is responsible for the coordination and delivery of program services in accordance with program goals, including use of required facilities.
  8. Is responsible for the successful completion of individual projects.
  9. May supervise graduate and undergraduate students and/or assist in planning suitable practicum field research experiences.
  10. Supervises, trains and recommends selection of additional authorized professional and clerical staff needed to implement the program.
  11. Prepares and disseminates written reports on the results and conclusions of the program.
  12. Develops educational materials and teaching aids for use in the effective delivery of services.
  13. Identifies appropriate target population for the program.
  14. Coordinates activities of other field practitioners to develop new methods and techniques in the area of specialization.
  15. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Master’s degree in appropriate academic discipline
  2. At least three years professional experience related to project specialization.
  3. Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain cooperative relationships with client group and a wide variety of people.
  4. Willingness to travel as required in project area.
  5. Ability to plan, conduct and evaluate training methods.


  1. Good communication and writing skills.
  2. Teaching experience.

Date Created: 6/28/85