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Recruiting Solutions 9.1

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Recruiting Solutions 9.1

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Person of Interest (POI) Form – (pdf)
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Professional Paid Ad Supplement Form(word doc)

System Updates & Enhancements

March 23, 2016

Process Change: Final Offer Letters

Update to Classified Job Openings (Clerical, Maintenance and Public Safety – except police officer titles)

**Effective March 23, 2016 all applicants applying for clerical, maintenance and public safety (except police officer titles) positions will be required to complete the new UConn Application for Employment.

November 3, 2015

Process Change: Final Offer Letters

Beginning Tuesday, November 3, Hiring Departments will begin finalizing faculty and unclassified offers in RS 9.1 at the time the candidate formally accepts with a signed offer letter. Upon receiving the signed offer letter, departments will update RS 9.1 to Offer Accepted and email a copy of the signed offer letter to Criminal background check paperwork (if applicable) is faxed to Human Resources at (860) 486-6773. Offer letters only are emailed—criminal background check paperwork must be faxed.

Additionally, offers for all faculty, research and postdoc appointments will include the Office of the Provost in the approval workflow. If any changes are made as a result of discussions with the candidate regarding terms and conditions of employment, the changes must be approved by the Workforce Solutions Team in the Department of Human Resources and the Office of the Provost.

Note: No commitment should be made to a candidate without prior approval by the Workforce Solutions Team in the Department of Human Resources and the Office of the Provost.

September 21, 2015

Enhancement: Log in using NetID and NetID password

NetID credentials allow you to authenticate into RS 9.1. All users, including POIs, log into RS 9.1 with the assigned NetID and NetID password.

Note: The external UConn careers page has not changed, and external users will continue to log in with accounts created as an applicant.

July 8, 2015

Enhancement: Update Applicant Status for current UCONN employee applicants

Pre-Interview evaluation field ‘Applicant status’ displays as Ext Appl when current UConn employees apply via the external Husky Hire website. Departments and search committees now have access to update the field to Employee when application materials identify the applicant as a current UConn employee.


April 27, 2015

Enhancement: Using RS 9.1 Job Openings to Request Position Number(s)

Every regular payroll employee will be assigned a position number. Position numbers are assigned and/or requested as part of the job opening approval workflow, and assigned to a hire in the offer stage. Employees and active job openings will be assigned a position number at go-live.

Create a New Job Opening

  • Select existing position number for refill
  • Leave position number blank to request a new position number
  • Job Code is Position Title (highest)

Note: Professorial titles will only show highest in series on primary page. Select actual recruiting titles in the Job Opening Details.

Additional Position Numbers within a Job Opening

  • Additional position numbers for multiple refills within 1 job opening are added in the job opening details.
  • All position titles within one job opening must be the same and report to the same department.


RS 9.1 Header includes Primary Data
Multiple target openings will display primary data. All position numbers will display in the Job Opening Details and not in the header.


Offer – Linking Position Number with Offer Candidate

  • Additional field – Position Number
  • Select Position Number and Offer Job Code


Department Positions Dashboard

Management tool for Approvers and Proxies accessed by the Job Opening Department field Icon or through menu navigation: Main Menu > Recruiting > Department Positions.

  • Displays active positions with status of Filled or Vacant
  • Three tabs: Position Info, Incumbent, and Recruitment


March 18, 2015

Enhancement: New Disposition – Duplicate
The Duplicate disposition is available to select when an applicant submits multiple applications. When reviewing duplicate applications:

  • Select Interview, Qualified, or Unqualified on the most recent application.
  • Select Duplicate for earlier submissions from the same applicant.


January 7, 2014

Enhancement: Search Committee Chair indicator in Job Opening – Hiring Team

  • Add Interested Party
  • Check as Search Committee Chair


  • Search Committee Chair field added to the Job Openings Dynamic ReportNavigation: Main Menu > Recruiting > Job Openings – Dynamic Report

December 11, 2013

Enhancement: New Required Field for Staff Job Openings
Field: *How many positions are refills?
Field contains validation and does not allow the number of Refills to exceed number of Target Openings. Users will receive an error message when:

  • Number of refills is larger than Target Openings
  • Updating Target Openings to a number less than refills (error will revert Target Openings back to prior entry, users must change # of refills prior to lower Target Openings)



October 9, 2013

Enhancement: Hiring Team Notifications
Upon ad copy approval and posting of job openings, the identified Hiring Team members receive email notification. Search committee member notifications include the opening with a link to pre-interview evaluations page in RS 9.1, link to log in instructions, and an informational link on how to access the Applicant Summary report used to review applicant pools and recruitment diversification efforts.

Enhancement: Job Opening Report

The Job Openings Dynamic Report displays various job opening and/or Audit/Wavier information based on user specified parameters. Department users, based on security access, search job opening data by type of opening, department(s), job title, hired candidate commencement date timeframe, opening status, and any combination of the parameters. The data download to Excel allows for further filtering and manipulation of data.


Update: Approved Job Open Attachments
Once a job opening is beyond the next level of approval, job opening attachment options are restricted to adding additional attachments (delete functionality disabled).

September 11, 2013

Enhancement: Audit/Waiver Jobs navigation has two menu options:


Additional enhancements to Audit/Waiver Jobs include:

  • Clone existing Audit/Waiver Jobs
  • Cancel existing Audit/Wavier Jobs
  • Select Job Code and the Bargaining Unit field auto populates
  • Save as Draft without required fields entered
  • Message notifying of attachment file names over the 63 character limit (removal of automatic date and time stamp added to file name)

Workflow approvals and comments display in expanded view


July 24, 2013

Enhancement – The Department field has been added a searchable field in Find Job Openings.



Enhancement – The Department field has been added to the Candidate Gateway Careers Page