Sample Drop During Working Test Period

February 4, 2008

Rosemary Taylor
Secretary I


Dear Ms. Taylor:

Please be advised that effective with the close of business today, your employment with the University of Connecticut is terminated and your record will reflect that you were dropped during your working test period. This action is taken because of your unsatisfactory performance evaluation which documents problems in the areas of attendance and punctuality. A copy of the rating form is attached and has been discussed with you, as demonstrated by your signature.

While no grievance rights exist because of your probationary status, you may request a review of this action by writing to Keith A. Hood, Manager of Labor Relations, University of Connecticut Department of Human Resources, 9 Walters Avenue, U-5075, , Storrs, CT. 06269‑5075. This request must be received within two weeks of the effective date of this action.

Please make arrangements to return all university property now in your possession. You should also contact the Department of Human Resources, Employee Benefits Unit at, for information about benefit questions and to provide a forwarding address for your last paycheck.



Jo Anne Armstrong
Department Head

cc: Personnel Records
Labor Relations