Sample Letter of Dismissal

February 15, 2008


Andrew Murphy
Dining Services

Dear Mr. Murphy:

I am writing to advise you that effective February 16, 2008, you are dismissed from your position as Chef because of the theft of food, which occurred on February 7, 2008. This action is based on the University's work rules, which prohibit theft of state property and regulation 5‑240‑1 (c) (7) of the Department of Administrative Services, which lists theft as a cause for dismissal.

Specifically, on February 7th, you were observed leaving the kitchen area and going to your car holding an uncovered crate. As you began to leave the facility grounds you were stopped by Officer William Flagg who asked you about the contents of the crate. You stated they were wilted lettuce leaves which you were taking home for your pet rabbits. However, when the Officer asked to inspect the contents, and subsequently did so, he found two 10 LB hams, a package of dinner rolls and a quart container of cream, all covered with wilted lettuce.

This blatant theft is even more serious because of your position as a supervisor who is charged with maintaining absolute standards of integrity among your work force. While we considered your seventeen (17) year record of satisfactory employment, it does not mitigate the magnitude of this offense.

At the Pre‑disciplinary hearing on February 12, 2008 you were advised of the charge against you and the evidence in support of that charge. Your union representative at that meeting was Martin Lion. You did not dispute the facts listed above, but at first said you had been "set up" and then said you had "just made a bad mistake." Neither excuse is viewed as an acceptable explanation.

You have the right to appeal this decision under the appropriate provisions of the NP‑2 Collective Bargaining Agreement.



Aliza C. Wilder
Director of Human Resources

cc: Vice President
Labor Relations
Personnel File

I hereby acknowledge receipt:


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