Sample Letter of Reprimand

February 27, 2008


Ms. Rebecca Jones
Financial Aid


Dear Ms. Jones:

This letter will serve as an official letter of reprimand and confirms our recent discussion of the February 26, 2008 incident.

On that date, shortly after lunch, I returned to the office to find you speaking in a highly excited state and using profanity in a telephone conversation. As I entered the office I heard you say "I don't care who the you think you are, I am not helping you now!" You subsequently hung up the phone with great force and ran toward the rest room. When I attempted to discuss the situation with you, you stated it was personal and you were sorry it happened.

Our President then received a letter from State Representative Pamela Grafton, who stated that she had received discourteous treatment in her quest for information for a constituent. She specifically referenced a phone call to our office on February 19th at approximately 1:15 p.m. In a meeting with you and your union steward, Bob Holstein, you acknowledged being the party involved in the phone call. You said your anger was provoked by her manner and her insistence that you drop everything to assist her.

We do not agree that your anger was justified. Your position as a receptionist requires heavy public contact and you are often the first introduction anyone has to our Department or indeed to the University. You have known this to be an essential part of your function since you began 3 years ago and you have had the Telephone Company's course in Telephone Courtesy. Moreover, the information that Representative Grafton requested is routinely available and there were other staff members in the office that could have assisted her if you found it difficult.

Finally, I am extremely concerned that when I initially asked you about it, you misrepresented the fact that it was indeed a business call. This precluded any effort we might have made to correct this situation and impacts the trust relationship we have had in the past.

Please be advised that our expectation is that a professional and helping manner will be maintained at all times. If factors in your personal life are impacting on your work performance I would urge you to consider the confidential resources of the Employees Assistance Program.

You should also be aware that additional incidents of this kind will be cause for more severe disciplinary action, up to and including, suspension and dismissal. This may also be reflected in a less than good evaluation with specific reference to "quality of work" and/or "cooperation" if an additional incident occurs.

A copy of this letter will be placed in your Personnel file. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions concerning this issue.



Barbara Wishmeyer


cc: Personnel file
Labor Relations
Union (note: NP-2 only)


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