Senior Associate Director – Admissions

Payroll Title: UCP XI
Class Code: 1111-9092
Job Family: ASR
FLSA Code: E
Score: 758


Under the administrative review of the Director of Admissions and Orientation Services, manages all operational areas and technical systems of the Undergraduate Admissions Office.


This position is intended to serve as the second in command of the Admissions Department.  Incumbent will be engaged in long-range planning and the implementation of internal strategies that will sustain current programs as well as a complex marketing/communications strategy designed to achieve enrollment objectives.


  1. Serves as the designee of the Director in his absence with supervision over all personnel including associate directors and senior managers.
  2. Assists director in developing, evaluating, interpreting and enforcing admissions policies, procedures and strategies and serves as an authoritative source of such information.  Has direct authority to make or approve decisions which may establish or alter policies, procedures or operations.
  3. Oversees all computer system design, selection and implementation in Admissions while monitoring the impact and integration with the university-wide student system.  Responsibilities include:
    • Analyzes university admission data needs and designs appropriate data management systems
    • Plans and implements data processing interfaces and data transfer systems with other University and external data processing systems
    • Supervises Admission’s network administration
    • Manages all system security issues
    • Selects all computer hardware/software for Admissions
    • Designs and /or supervises the design of statistical reports, predictive modeling and forecasting tools for the department
    • Accountable for all computer system production work
    • Overall responsibility for data extraction, and reporting in Admissions
  4. Responsible for the daily operation of Undergraduate Admissions including schedules, workflow, quality control and customer services.
  5. Develops aggressive recruitment policies, which lead to greater outreach efforts; expands collaborative efforts in the recruitment of minority students.
  6. Establishes goals, policies, procedures and priorities for the Tele-counseling Program; provides ongoing supervision and guidance to assigned staff.
  7. Oversees training of users and other staff in use of database, micro and mainframe computers, various software and statistical packages and other technical matters.
  8. Manages departmental search and selection procedures/ practices; oversees hiring, training, supervision and evaluation of both the administrative and classified support staff.  Consults with Director on department organization and reviews all job classifications and descriptions.
  9. Participates with Director in the development of the university-wide enrollment policy.
  10. Advises the Director and University officials of the current trends and changing demographics, locally and regionally, as they may affect and impact student admissions in enrollment management negotiations.
  11. Prepares studies, reports and recommendations for Director and oversees the revision of informational and promotional materials and forms.
  12. Coordinates special initiatives, as needed.


  1. Master’s degree
  2. Eight years of admissions experience in increasingly responsible positions.
  3. Demonstrated ability to manage and evaluate multiple levels of staff.
  4. Strong leadership skills
  5. Demonstrated ability to analyze, design and implement computer systems, including experience with mainframe, networks, and desktop applications.
  6. Strong data research and analytical skills

Date Created: 07/22/99