Senior Machine Shop Engineer

Payroll Title: UCP VIII
Class Code: 0864-9088
Job Family: TLR
FLSA Code: E
Score: 613


Under the general direction of designated supervisor, independently responsible for the design, building, and implementation of sophisticated experimental apparatus for faculty, staff and students in support of educational and research activities.


  1. Direct and conduct machine shop safety courses; initiate students to shop facilities; qualify and/or train students and faculty to shop activities.
  2. Independently design, develop and fabricate from original design, print, sketch or verbal/conceptual description, complex high-precision mechanical equipment, models and instruments as specified or required for special research applications, requiring the skill level of a model maker.
  3. Provide consulting service, discussing projects with faculty members, students and researchers; devise or design experimental projects, equipment or apparatus to meet needs; provide manpower to school activities.
  4. Diagnose, repair or rebuild equipment and instruments as required.
  5. Ensure safety by overseeing use of shop facilities by students, staff and faculty to assure proper usage of equipment according to prescribed safety standards; investigate accidents, compile reports, perform routine checks and initiate corrective action if necessary; propose safety measures to dean or safety committee.
  6. Supervise and train technical personnel, faculty, graduate and undergraduate students as well as other users of the shop facilities.
  7. Assign tasks to technical personnel; schedule and coordinate work and shop activities to meet requests and expedite final goals; provide emergency service to laboratories.
  8. Evaluate and advise faculty, researchers, staff, technicians and students on equipment and component capabilities and performance; recommend appropriate equipment for experimental purposes.
  9. Maintain shop facilities, including ensuring the shop is sufficiently stocked; evaluate functions; make recommendations on current and future operations.
  10. Resolve complex design and malfunction problems of mechanical and scientific equipment.


  1. BA/BS degree or equivalent combination of training and experience
  2. At least three to five years at level of model maker, with ability to design and fabricate research equipment based on verbal descriptions of performance needs.
  3. Knowledge of basic principles of mechanics and mechanical design; familiarity with metals, alloys and plastics; ability to design and manufacture research equipment based on oral descriptions of performance needs.
  4. Thorough knowledge of safety procedures and ability to plan, organize and conduct safety courses.
  5. Capability to train in various skill trades.
  6. Ability to collaborate with researchers and effectively deal with large multilevel projects.
  7. Normal color vision.

Date Revised: 12/21/98