SHS Information Coordinator

Payroll Title: UCP V
Class Code: 0559-9085
Job Family: SHS
FLSA Code: E
Score: 481


Under the general direction of designated administrator, directs and administers a comprehensive health information system which includes the proper maintenance, security and confidentiality of the Student Health Services (SHS) information.


  1. Designs, manages, monitors and promotes a health care information system, which may be automated and is consistent with effective and efficient health care delivery as well as in accordance with SHS policies, professional standards, AAAHC regulations and other state and federal governing rules and regulations.
  2. Responsible for the Student Immunization Tracking System for all mandatory health requirements; oversees information transfer to other mainframe applications and systems; determines program refinements and coordinates any improvements with the Computer Center; responsible for Connecticut State Department of Health data submission on health requirements.
  3. Coordinates implementation of expanded computerized health information system modules with the System Administrator; establishes and organizes procedures for this system; responsible for system orientation and training of staff; evaluates system procedures and institutes changes to support global or departmental activities.
  4. Oversees the Credentials Program for all clinical staff at SHS; maintains access to the National Practitioner database; monitors the peer review process for use in re-credentialing of physicians.
  5. Evaluates overall effectiveness of the medical records department; develops and implements new techniques, procedures and controls, as needed, to improve the quality of the health information system.
  6. Maintains the coding and classification system for statistical collection and reimbursement maximization, including coding verification and annual updates.
  7. Monitors the release of medical record information, in accordance with applicable policies and statutes; upholds the confidentiality of health record information and protects the individual’s right to privacy in the collection and disclosure of personally identifiable medical information.
  8. Prepares budget requests and manages approved budget; prepares periodic fiscal reports as required by the SHS.
  9. Assists designated administrator in establishing goals and priorities relative to the type and extent of health information services.
  10. Supervises, trains and evaluates subordinate staff; establishes work assignments and work schedules; recruits and assigns staff; plans educational and other staff training programs.
  11. Serves as an authoritative source to the Total Quality Improvement program in development of policies and procedures that will satisfy the accreditation process.
  12. Is responsible for health information retention in accordance with state and federal statutes and applicable policies and statutes. Analyzes, identifies & makes recommendations for risk management policy development.
  13. Prepares annual or other periodic reports of operations, plans and other matters of concern to the medical records department. As needed or assigned, is responsible for special short-term or on-going SHS projects which require planning, coordination and supervision.
  14. Serves as liaison between Student Health Services and the courts, as it relates to the medical record.
  15. Performs related duties as required.


  1. RRA (Registered Record Administrator) or ART (Accredited Record Technician) certification
  2. Bachelor’s degree with training in medical records administration and one year of experience in maintenance of health care records OR five to ten years experience in the maintenance of health care records.
  3. Demonstrated knowledge of the principles, methods and practices of medical records administration, including accreditation standards, medical record terminology, medical coding principles and techniques, and organization of medical institutions.
  4. Knowledge of statistical data tabulation and computerized record keeping systems
  5. Supervisory ability


  1. Two to five years experience in health risk management systems and quality improvement programs.
  2. Knowledge of statutory requirements regarding retention and release of records

Date Created: 4/13/88
Date Revised: 6/14/99