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Sick Bank Donations – Classified Staff

Employees in each of the following bargaining units may donate vacation, personal or sick leave accruals* to a fellow bargaining unit employee who is absent due to serious long term or terminal illness or disability and who has at least six (6) months of State service, has achieved permanent status and has exhausted his/her own accrued paid time off:

Maintenance & Service Unit (NP-2)
Administrative Clerical (NP-3)
Police and Fire (NP-5)
Social & Human Services (P-2)
*Maintenance & Service (NP-2), Administrative Clerical (NP-3), Administrative & Residual (P-5), and Social & Human Services (P-2) – Sick leave donations are limited to 5 days per calendar year.
*Police and Fire (NP-5) – May donate a maximum of 10 sick leave days per contract year. Every 2 days of sick leave donated is credited to the donee as one day of sick leave.

Requests to donate time must be initiated by the Union or a group of employees, rather than by management, since a supervisor’s involvement could be seen as coercive. Donation forms are available through the union. Since there is a contractual benefit, all requests should be made through the Benefits Unit of the Department of Human Resources. Donation of vacation, personal and sick leave may occur only within the same bargaining unit. Such donation may occur between different employing agencies for employees in the NP-2 and NP-3 bargaining units.

If you desire further information on the guidelines and procedures for requesting this benefit, please email Suzanne Rogoz or call (860) 486-0398.