Sign Language Interpreter

Payroll Title: UCP VII
Class Code: 7005-9087
Job Family: STU
FLSA Code: E
Score: 584


Under the general supervision of the Director, provides interpreting and transliterating services for deaf and hearing consumers at the University of Connecticut in a variety of setting which may include classrooms, field trips, seminars, counseling sessions, club meetings, extracurricular activities and other educational settings.


he Sign Language interpreter must be able to listen to another person’s words, inflections and intent and simultaneously render them into the visual language of signs using the mode of communication preferred by the deaf consumer. The interpreter must also be able to comprehend the signs, inflections and intent of the deaf consumer and simultaneously articulate them. The Sign Language interpreter must be able to adjust to a broad range of consumer preferences for interpretation and be able to function in a multi cultural environment. Incumbents will be expected to work irregular, flexible hours including nights and weekends.


  1. Facilitates communication through the use of sign language and spoken English within social and academic settings including direct overheard conversations, class instruction, lectures, tests, seminars and field trips.
  2. Maintains confidentiality of all assignment-related information and adheres to industry code of ethics.
  3. Accepts assignments using discretion with regard to skill, setting and the individuals involved and functions in a manner appropriate to each interpreted situation, demonstrating professional appearance, conduct and promptness.
  4. Assists in providing training to individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing related to note-taking and closed caption services.
  5. Prepares for demanding course material by reading course materials, learning frequently used vocabulary, developing new signs as necessary.
  6. May team interpret as necessary to maintain the interpreter’s physical safety and/or to ensure fluent interpretation with minimal errors.
  7. Assists the Leadership in the development of policies, procedures and plans for deaf and hard of hearing students.
  8. Keeps abreast of new developments in the field through attendance at workshops, seminars, conferences, training sessions and through interaction with professional colleagues.
  9. Assists the Associate Director with scheduling, identifying and evaluating additional qualified interpreters as needed.
  10. Maintains professional memberships and certifications in the field.
  11. Serves as an authoritative resource to students, parents, the public and the University community regarding interpreting services and providing visual access to deaf and hard of hearing students.
  12. Performs necessary administrative duties such as supervision and maintenance of files and preparation of reports.
  13. Performs special projects, as needed or assigned.


  1. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of experience and training
  2. One to two years experience interpreting in a University setting
  3. Excellent interpersonal skills, written and oral communication techniques, organizational skills and able to work without close supervision
  4. Demonstrated ability to deal effectively with students, faculty, staff, the public and external agencies
  5. Willingness to work irregular and flexible hours including nights and weekends
  6. Knowledge of cultural issues related to constituency to be served
  7. Must possess at least ONE of the following credentials or equivalent:
    • Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID)Certification
    • Certificate of Interpreting (CI)
    • Certificate of Transliteration (CT)
    • Comprehensive Skills Certificate (CSC)

National Association of the Deaf (NAD) Interpreter Certification Program

  • Certificate of Competence Level III (Generalist)
  • Certificate of Competence Level IV (Advanced)
  • Certificate of Competence Level V (Master)


Date Created: 6/28/1985