Student Activities Coordinator – Regional Campus

Payroll Title: UCP V
Class Code: 0536-9085
Job Family: STU
FLSA Code: E
Score: 487


Under the general supervision of designated supervisor, assists with developing and administering a program of student activities for a regional campus.


  1. Supervises and monitors student activities on a regional campus, including advising student organizations, as well as developing, coordinating, implementing and scheduling programs of a co-curricular nature.
  2. Advises the undergraduate Student Government Association regarding its activities with special responsibility to promote responsible student decision-making and to encourage wide student participation.
  3. Assists in developing, planning, and coordinating special events including but not limited to student/faculty events, recreational activities and student leadership development opportunities.
  4. Assists and advises student organizations regarding program planning, use of facilities, program arrangements, services and available equipment.
  5. Attends Student Government Association meetings and other student-sponsored social events.
  6. Monitors Student Government accounting procedures and advises regarding proper procedures; may reconcile and verify accuracy of accounts.
  7. Explains and monitors compliance with University policies and procedures pertaining to student activities; serves as a resource to faculty and other staff in matters of program development, policy and procedures.
  8. Maintains complete accounting of equipment inventory, fire insurance and necessary reports for student government and other student organizations.
  9. Seeks to publicize student events in the local community and to increase community awareness of the University, including assisting in general recruitment and conducting campus tours.
  10. May assist with and/or supervises an orientation program for entering students and their families; assists in registration process, placement testing and other related student services.
  11. May assist in developing and designing various informational and promotional materials and publications about student activities, student affairs, and the campus in general.
  12. Maintains and publicizes calendar of student events and activities.
  13. Registers new student organizations and review, approves and monitors requests for concessions and solicitations


  1. Bachelor’s degree
  2. Prior experience in the area of student affairs and services student activities in a college setting required.
  3. Ability to establish close working relationships with students, faculty and staff
  4. Willingness to work night/weekend events.


  1. Master’s degree in college student affairs, higher education or guidance and counseling or related area highly preferred.

Date Created: 6/28/85