Technical Laboratory Manager

Payroll Title: UCP IX
Class Code: 0912-9089
Job Family: TLR
FLSA Code: E
Score: 648


Under the general direction of designated administrator and/or faculty member, provides laboratory management and complex technical assistance in support of the research, teaching or service activities of a department.


The primary focus of this job is on laboratory management, usually of a large and complex operation.  In addition, incumbents are expected to possess the same advanced knowledge and skills in the technical specialty as that described for a Technical Associate.


  1. Prepares or supervises preparation of samples for analysis or testing.
  2. Selects and adapts most appropriate methods and techniques from a variety of possibilities, some of which may appear equally suitable; as needed, researches and develops new or modifies methods and techniques when standard ones are inadequate.
  3. Independently performs tests or analyses using a variety of complex methods and techniques, which may require solving problems inherent with the methodology; calculates results, evaluates findings and determines needed for further analysis; prepares comprehensive reports which document methodology, evaluate findings and explain other information pertinent to the analysis.
  4. Operates, tests and calibrates analytical instruments, equipment and related components, which may be extremely delicate and sensitive; makes adjustments and resolves new and unusual problems.
  5. Is responsible for maintaining in proper working order equipment, instruments and related apparatus, which may be highly specialized or prototype; trouble-shoots and resolves problems of unusual difficulty; may be responsible for design, construction or modification of such equipment.
  6. Manages a large complex laboratory operation, with responsibility for the quality and quantity of the work of others, proper maintenance of laboratory conditions, safety procedures, equipment, instruments and supplies, files and records.
  7. Hires, trains, supervises and evaluates technical and support staff; determines work schedules and work assignments; recommends staffing levels.
  8. Prepares budget requests and manages approved budget.
  9. Initiates purchases of equipment and supplies; maintains contact with vendors and searches commercial market to determine availability and cost of equipment/instruments to meet needs of the department
  10. Serves as a resource to students, staff and faculty in area of specialization; works with and advises faculty, administrators or clients to support their research, teaching or service needs.
  11. Keeps abreast of development in area of expertise and related scientific fields through reading of scientific journals and technical papers; adapts new technology as appropriate to meet changing laboratory needs or improve effectiveness or efficiency.
  12. Participates in discussions of research protocols and objectives.


  1. Master’s degree in specialty appropriate to department to be served and 3 – 5 years experience OR Bachelor’s degree and 8 or more years experience.
  2. Comprehensive knowledge of the technical specialty, appropriate to the department to be served, and proven ability to apply a wide range of concepts, techniques and practices to carry out broad laboratory objectives.
  3. Proven ability to evaluate and produce reliable results, problem-solve and trouble shoot complex problems.
  4. Knowledge of state of the art technology appropriate to the technical specialty.
  5. Demonstrated managerial and supervisory ability and well-developed leadership skills.
  6. Ability to maintain and trouble-shoot complex problems with laboratory equipment; design and construction capability may be required in some specialty areas.
  7. Knowledge of computers and programming may be required in some specialty area.


Date Created: 6/28/1985
Date Scored: 4/12/1985