Training/Development Specialist

Payroll Title: UCP VI
Class Code: 0633-9086
Job Family: HRS
FLSA Code: E
Score: 515


Under the direction of designated administrator, plans, develops, organizes and delivers a comprehensive staff development and training program for all levels of personnel.


  1. Identifies training needs and, in consultation with departmental officials, establishes immediate and/or long-range training priorities for University personnel, which could include managerial training and development.
  2. Plans, develops, organizes, and implements a comprehensive development and training plan including functional skills and technical knowledge training.
  3. Designs and develops curricula, which could include any audio-visual aids, handbooks, and/or written on-line documentation, to meet specific training needs.
  4. Delivers stand-up training on generic or technical topics to targeted personnel.
  5. Continuously evaluates relevancy and accuracy of curricula content and monitors the process and impact of training on learning and on-the-job performance.
  6. Establishes and maintains collaborative professional relationships with departmental personnel, including management, in order to plan training sessions.
  7. Responsible for client registration for workshops and training sessions; confirms attendance via confirmation letter or e-mail.
  8. Maintains registration/attendance records of employees in order to prepare reports and studies on training programs and activities; assesses the success and/or failure of such programs.
  9. May supervise professional, technical and clerical staff as assigned.
  10. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Master’s degree in related field and three years of experience in training and development OR Bachelor’s degree and four years experience in training and development.
  2. Thorough knowledge of principles and practices of training and development methods and techniques
  3. Extensive knowledge of functional program areas to which position is assigned.
  4. Considerable knowledge in methods to identify training needs, reporting and evaluating results of needs assessments, and analyzing performance problems.
  5. Considerable ability to identify training needs and plan, organize and coordinate training programs to meet those needs.
  6. Some ability to apply basic evaluation techniques.
  7. Considerable ability to work effectively with individuals, groups, and various units within the organization, including management, to carry out goals of the training function.
  8. Ability to prepare both routine and analytical reports.
  9. Ability to exercise judgment, make decisions, establish professional contacts, and organize time with minimal supervision.

Date Revised: 10/12/99
Date Created: 06/28/85