Tuition Reimbursements for Classified Employees

Tuition reimbursements are applied to coursework taken at an accredited institution, other than UConn, or to summer coursework at the University of Connecticut. Tuition reimbursements ONLY cover tuition, they cannot be applied to any fees, e.g. books, registration fee, application fees, etc.

Detail Description


The tuition reimbursement program information on this page applies to those employees in the following employment categories:
Social Services (P-2)
Maintenance Services (NP-2)
Administrative Clerical (NP-3)
Protective Services (NP-5)

General Guidelines

Each of the above bargaining union contracts has different and specific limitations governing the amount per credit to reimburse; restrictions on the allowable credits per semester, as well as restrictions on undergraduate or graduate coursework availability. Individual contracts should be consulted for more specific details.
    • All courses must be taken at fully accredited colleges or universities. Other schools providing trade instructions or special occupational training that are approved by the Department of Education will be accepted.


    • Correspondence courses, on-line courses or “colleges without walls”, preparation, and self-development programs may be taken but are subject to review by the TRO or the State Tuition Reimbursement Coordinators prior to the employee beginning the course of study.


    • Courses are normally taken outside of regularly scheduled hours of work. If the course(s) are taken during the employee’s regular working hours, a Temporary Flexible Schedule Request must be completed by the employee and approved by the designated supervisor out of the bargaining unit. Employees should submit the completed schedule request along with their tuition reimbursement application.


    • Participation in this program is subject to the availability of the funds negotiated by the bargaining unit.


  • Payment will be made only if the employee is still employed by the State of Connecticut on the last day of class for each course completed.

Application & Reimbursement Procedure

Please Note: This is a two part process. The application is submitted at the beginning of the semester. The documentation supporting your application (grades and fee statement) is submitted at the end of the semester.

Application Procedure

Classified Tuition Reimbursement Applications are available on the DAS website.
If your schedule must be modified to take classes please complete a Flexible Work Schedule Form and seek approval from your supervisor.
Reimbursement is subject to the availability of funds.
  • Employee submits application (Form CO-101) to Human Resources at least two weeks, but no more than three months, prior to the start of class.

  • Applications are reviewed by Human Resources and the employee is informed if the application is tentatively approved or not qualified.

  • Human Resources completes and sends an “OSC Priority Log” to the Office of the State Comptroller. The log ensures the employee’s proper placement on the priority list for funding, pending appropriate and timely end of semester documentation.

Reimbursement Procedure

At the end of the semester the employee must forward a copy of the following documentation to Human Resources:
  • Course Grade Report – clearly identifying the student, the institution attended, the semester, the course name, and the course grade

  • Paid Fee Receipt – clearly identifying the student, the institution attended, the semester, the course, and amount paid for the course (paid fee receipt must be itemized and show a zero balance for the semester)

When the documentation is approved by Human Resources, the application, grade, and fee statement are sent to the State comptroller’s Office for processing and payment.


Tuition Reimbursement is a two part process. Applications are due two weeks prior to the start of classes. Administrative documentation (paid fee bill, grade report) is due at the end of each semester for which you have applied.
Documentation deadlines are as follows:
Summer: September 15
Fall Semester: January 15
Spring Semester: June 1

Contact Information

Human Resources
Tuition Benefits
(860) 486-3034