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UCPEA Sick Leave Bank

Procedures for Donating to the UCPEA Sick Leave Bank

UCPEA staff may donate vacation and holiday time to a Sick Leave Bank.

Leave donations take place two times each year: the last pay period in December and the first full pay period in July. UCPEA staff should submit their donation forms with a copy of the on-line timecard with the donation noted in the “comments” section for the pay periods noted as outlined above.

Donations must be made in either half or full day increments with a minimum being one-half day or 3.5 hours. Donations in hours more than 3.5 must be divisible by seven, which is the standard scheduled UCPEA work day (i.e., 21 hours = 3 days, or 24.5 hours = 3 1/2 days).

On the on-line timecard in the “comments” section, type the number and type of days (vacation or holiday) you wish to donate with the phrase: “Donation to Sick Leave Bank”. Print a copy of your on-line timecard with the comments section, attach it to your donation form, and sent it to Human Resources at Unit 5075. Payroll does not receive the donation forms, since the approved on-line timecard is their authorization to deduct the donated days.

Sick Leave Bank forms and guidelines are available through the UCPEA office at (860) 486-0850 or are available at the UCPEA Web Site.

For additional information, email Cindy Drost or call (860) 486-2432 in the Benefits Unit.