University Associate Librarian

Payroll Title: UCP X
Class Code: 1011-9090
Job Family: LIB
FLSA Code: E
Score: 679


Under the general direction of designated library administrator, provides administrative and technical leadership to develop and preserve archival collections of rare materials of historical and scholarly value.


  1. Directs and/or actively participates in a program of library services, specific to the department’s function, which requires a comprehensive understanding of library principles and methods, University academic programs, and needs of library users.
  2. Serves as the primary spokesperson for the department and serves as a resource to library and University staff and library users regarding the interpretation of department policies, procedures and services.
  3. Is responsible for the continual preservation and conservation of the special collections, in consultation with the Preservation Officer, as needed, and is responsible for the security and integrity of library materials which are rare and/or irreplaceable.
  4. Serves as the primary resource of information for the special collections.
  5. Is responsible for the development and maintenance of a current useful collection and for assessing need for new materials, requiring an in-depth knowledge of the subject area, availability and academic value of materials, needs of library users and sound library practices and principles.
  6. Directs the activities of department staff; identifies staffing needs and is responsible, either directly or through appropriate supervisors, for staff hiring, training, supervision, evaluation, work assignments, work schedules and development opportunities and assists staff with individual goal-setting.
  7. Manages the general operations of the department; directs work flow, develops necessary administrative systems for the orderly flow and control of library materials into and out of the department, maintains appropriate detailed records, statistics and files, including fiscal and personnel records, to support departmental functions.
  8. Provides reference assistance to patrons, requiring an in-depth knowledge of the collections and their content.
  9. Conducts cataloging for special collections, requiring knowledge of the specific rules and standards that apply.
  10. Provides for regular communication with departmental staff, other library departments, library administration, faculty, and other University offices, as needed, to carry out the programs and services of the department.
  11. Manages the fiscal affairs of the department, including budget development and priorities; approves expenditures and exercises fiscal control over approved budget.
  12. Maintains awareness of current developments in the library profession.
  13. Prepares bibliographies, research guides, annotated reference lists and other bibliographic aids and instructional materials designed to assist patrons in a topic area or academic discipline.
  14. Assists patrons in use of various indexes, guides and other bibliographic and reference tools.
  15. Verifies and processes various bibliographic request forms.
  16. Process gifts, conducts inventories and advises donors on evaluations of their potential gifts.
  17. Serves on library and University committees and task forces.
  18. Plans, develops and implements departmental goals, policies and procedures necessary to provide for the efficient and effective delivery of library services specific to the department’s function, within general library policies and guidelines, and in cooperation with other library departments and/or University offices, as needed.
  19. Evaluates the quality and effectiveness of existing policies, procedures and services; identifies problems and areas for improvement and institutes changes or recommends major changes.
  20. Identifies orientation/instructions and staff training needs and is responsible for the development of training programs and training materials; may assist in training other library staff in area of expertise.
  21. Prepares studies, analyses and reports as needed or required to identify and resolve problems and/or plan for future needs.
  22. Conducts seminars, lectures and other programs to promote use of the collection.
  23. Write articles for publication on various aspects of collections which are based on acquired specialized knowledge of the collections and of bibliographic history.


  1. Master’s degree in Library Science from an ALA accredited school and/or graduate degree in academic discipline appropriate to specialized collections.
  2. Specific academic background or directly related experience in area of specialty, as required to administer and develop specialized collections.
  3. At least two years of professional library experience in an academic library, or equivalent combination of training and experience.
  4. Demonstrated supervisory and managerial ability.
  5. Experience in library methods and procedures of department to be served, including experience of increasing complexity and responsibility, preferably in an academic library.
  6. Knowledge of and ability to apply library principles and theories
  7. Ability to deal with automated library systems.
  8. Working knowledge of at least one foreign language may be required.


  1. Ph.D. in academic discipline appropriate to specialized collections.

Date Created: 516/84