University Library Assistant II – Law

Payroll Title: UCP IV
Class Code: 0423-9084
Job Family: LIB
FLSA Code: E
Score: 463


Under the supervision of a designated supervisor, performs library tasks of a moderately complex nature, applying moderately advanced library techniques.


Incumbents in this position perform routine assignments alone, working within established practices and procedures.  Work is periodically checked for performance, progress and timeliness.  A supervisor usually reviews problems.


Examples of characteristic duties and responsibilities are listed below.  Specific duties will depend on the department where the employee works.

  1. Performs moderately complex operations to provide bibliographic verification or control of library materials. This includes the use of local and international automated systems.  Requires knowledge of standard work practices and established methods and techniques.
  2. Assists library users in situations requiring problem resolution within defined parameters.
  3. Processes records on the basis of minimal guidelines, often choosing among several moderately complex alternatives.
  4. Trains and supervises a limited number of student assistants, if required by the job.  May hire and evaluate a limited number of student assistants in some cases.  Suggests revisions to student training manuals.  Assists in establishing student workers’ job descriptions.
  5. Interprets library and departmental policies and procedures, assisting other departmental staff and library users as appropriate.  Identifies problems and brings them to the attention of a supervisor.
  6. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree and one year of related experience, or an equivalent combination.
  2. Ability to work independently with computer generated records and extract pertinent information following established library procedures.
  3. Working knowledge of one or more foreign languages as required by departmental need.
  4. Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with library staff, University faculty and staff and the public regarding straightforward issues and to respond effectively to the needs of the public.
  5. Demonstrated ability to work independently with a minimum of supervision.
  6. Demonstrated ability to perform moderately complex tasks that sometimes pose new problems.  A basic understanding of the operations of the department is required, keeping in mind the relationship of specific assignments to the goals of the department and the library.
  7. Demonstrated ability to keep up-to-date with standard practices, procedures or policies the incumbent must implement.

Date Revised: 07/98