University Library Assistant IV – Law

Payroll Title: UCP VI
Class Code: 0646-9086
Job Family: LIB
FLSA Code: E
Score: 538


Under the direction of a designated supervisor, performs library tasks of a complex nature applying advanced library techniques.


Incumbents in this position know and apply advanced library techniques at the day-to-day operations level. Assignments are broad in nature and there is considerable variety in the number of activities performed.  Incumbents are also expected to use individual initiative and independent judgment for problem resolution within a broad departmental orientation with only occasional recourse to their supervisor.

The primary focus of the job is on the independent ability to perform complex library tasks.  Supervision of a small number of non-student staff, responsibility for a formally defined library program or highly specialized advanced skills is the norm.


  1. Examples of characteristic duties and responsibilities are listed below.  Specific duties will depend on the department where the employee works.
  2. Performs advanced operations to provide bibliographic verification or control of library materials.  This includes the use of local and international automated systems.  Requires a thorough understanding of established methods and techniques and knowledge of related principles and concepts.
  3. Assists library users in broadly defined situations requiring analysis, evaluation and/or interpretation of problematical situations.  Requires decision making based on a thorough knowledge of library and departmental policies and procedures within broad guidelines.
  4. Processes records.  Analyzes, evaluates and interprets information in situations where guidelines may be unavailable, often choosing among complex alternatives.
  5. Accountable for a small unit, if required by the job. If applicable, sets priorities and directs work flows within departmentally established guidelines. Typically has responsibility for training and evaluating a small number of non-student personnel.  May also include all aspects for student supervision.
  6. Resolves problems involving interpretation of departmental and library policies and procedures using independent judgment.  Identifies and proposes changes in library policies and procedures.  Actively participates in the development of unit or departmental policies in response to the needs and priorities of the library.
  7. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree and three to five years related experience, including specialized and supervisory skills as required.
  2. Demonstrated ability to master specialized library tasks requiring the application of advanced and complex library techniques and the ability to build upon them for problem resolution.
  3. Proven ability to work with and interpret detailed library records and procedures and to apply such knowledge in solving problems.
  4. Working knowledge of one or more foreign languages as required by departmental need.
  5. Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with library staff, University faculty and staff, and the public.  Often called upon to respond to problems encountered by the public, library staff and University staff.
  6. Proven ability to work independently following general library policies and to exercise individual initiative.
  7. Demonstrated in depth knowledge of departmental operations and the relationship of specific operations to the goals of the department and the library.
  8. Proven ability to keep up-to-date.  This pertains to changes in methods, techniques and policies, which affect the incumbent’s ability to perform characteristic duties and responsibilities.

Date Revised: 7/98