University Library Assistant V – Law

Payroll Title: UCP VII
Class Code: 0782-9087
Job Family: LIB
FLSA Code: E
Score: 575


Under the general direction of a designated department head or administrator, supervises a small to medium size library unit.


Requires knowledge of principles, practices, procedures, and appropriate technologies in a specific library application along with a broad departmental and interdepartmental orientation.  Choices must frequently be made from among complex alternatives in situations where precedent may not apply.  Incumbents have demonstrated analytical skills, proven problem solving ability and organizational and communication skills.

The primary focus of the job is on the independent ability to perform complex library tasks and supervise a small to medium size library unit.  Incumbents are free to plan, develop, and organize all phases of the work necessary for its completion, within broad guidance.  May develop and utilize any procedures and methods that do not conflict with major departmental or library policies.  Refers to the department head or administrator only for clarification and interpretation of broad objectives.


Examples of characteristic duties and responsibilities are listed below.  Specific duties will depend on the department where the employee works.

  1. Acts as a supervisor in a small to medium size library unit having wide consequence and significance.  Directs the activities of permanent staff.  Identifies staffing needs, interviews candidates following established guidelines, and makes employment recommendations.  Trains, supervises and evaluates staff.  Directs workflow and assigns work.  Provides staff development opportunities and assists staff with individual goal setting.  Initiates substantive ideas for change, including implementation and follow-up responsibilities.
  2. Plans and implements goals, policies and procedures as necessary to provide for efficient and effective unit operations.  Evaluates the quality and effectiveness of services and/or procedures and develops, creates, and initiates improvements.
  3. Provides technical direction, consultation and assistance to other staff within an area of expertise.  Diagnoses operational problems and designs and implements corrective actions across departmental lines.
  4. Applies advanced knowledge of complex computer applications for problem solving and improvement of operations.  Displays a thorough understanding of the capabilities of the systems throughout the library.
  5. Applies intensive knowledge and understanding to a wide breadth of tasks often distinctly different, requiring considerable integration and versatility.  Applies knowledge and expertise in human relations, organization and planning.
  6. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree and 5 or more years related experience.  May require master’s degree (non MLS) or specialized training/internship in subject/technical area.
  2. Demonstrated mastery of advanced and complex library techniques and the ability to interpret and evaluated library procedures and to recommend and implement revisions and improvements of existing procedures and policies.
  3. Thorough understanding of complex detailed library procedures and records and the ability to develop, revise and implement changes in procedures and to contribute to policy revision decisions.
  4. Working knowledge of one or more foreign languages as required by departmental need.
  5. Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with library staff, University faculty and staff, and the public.  Often interprets departmental policies.
  6. Demonstrated supervisory and communication skills with library staff of all levels and an ability to facilitate problem resolution through effective communications both written and oral.
  7. Demonstrated ability to work independently with initiative.  Ability to plan, organize, manage and coordinate specific operations within a department and between departments.
  8. Demonstrated in-depth knowledge of the operations of the entire department and the relationship of units’ operations to the goals of the department and the library.

Date Revised: 7/98