University Library Assistant VI – Law

Payroll Title: UCP VIII
Class Code: 0845-9088
Job Family: LIB
FLSA Code: E
Score: 623


Under the review of a designated administrator, manages a library department.


Incumbents in this position know and apply advanced managerial and functional expertise to solve new and unusual problems.  A comprehensive knowledge of principles, practices, and independent judgment are required.

Incumbents work from broad policies and goals with considerable latitude within budgetary limits.  Self-supervision is expected, with direct accountability for final results.  Given general policy statements, incumbents manage a department of major size and/or complexity and are expected to submit short and long-range plans for their department.  Actions are usually related to matters of long-term and/or library-wide consequence and significance.


Examples of characteristic duties and responsibilities are listed below.  Specific duties will depend on the department where the employee works.

  1. Works closely with many other library departments so as to be aware of their needs, to assist them in solving their problems and informing them of the status of projects.
  2. Regularly communicates with other library departments, the library administration, other university departments and units and primary library users to effect smooth coordination on matters of library policies, procedures and activities.
  3. Functions as a department head and in a functional role as the department’s coordinator and liaison with a variety of library, University and off-campus organizations.
  4. Applies in-depth knowledge and expertise in a wide variety of areas.  Demonstrates in-depth knowledge of advanced complex library techniques related to a number of different functional areas.  Applies in-depth knowledge and expertise in human relations and managerial skills.  Typically requires a demonstrated expertise in computer applications.
  5. Exercises a high degree of leadership both within the department, but more importantly, within the library in regard to a major functional area.  When interacting with the public, interprets and justifies departmental policies and handles all but the most complex issues without consulting and administrator.
  6. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree and 5 or more years varied experience in a large academic library required.  May require a master’s degree (Non-MLLES) or specialized training/internship in a subject or technical area.
  2. Experience in library applications of computer technologies typically required; managerial experience in a large academic library desirable.
  3. Demonstrated ability to work independently in directing long-term projects and to provide leadership and direction to a variety of library staff, at all levels, in completion of such projects.
  4. Ability to manage a complex library function providing service to other units and departments in a large academic library.  Demonstrated ability to plan, organize and manage.
  5. Demonstrated ability to facilitate problem resolution through effective oral and written communications.
  6. Demonstrated communications expertise and analytical skills.  Proven ability to work effectively with Library staff, staff from other institutions, members of the University community; and to represent the Library to off-campus organizations.

Date Revised: 7/98