University Relations Associate

Payroll Title: UCP VII
Class Code: 0760-9087
Job Family: UNR
FLSA Code: E
Score: 569


Under the direction of designate supervisor, is responsible for carrying out a variety of major public relations functions, as well as for the production of timely news releases and feature stories which promote the University and its programs.


  1. Serves as a public relations professional, greeting visitors, and the media, answering media questions, and helping to develop strategy to enhance the University’s public image, both internal and external.
  2. Maintains working relationships with media to coordinate and promote news coverage of the University.
  3. Researches and responds to inquiries from the media and the public about the University and specific events and problems.
  4. Responds to emergency/immediate public information needs as required by the University administration
  5. Serves as a consultant to university administrators, faculty and staff members in matters dealing with the press and the University’s image.
  6. Initiates, writes and edits timely news releases for print media, exercising sound journalistic judgment in developing proper focus to generate desired response; and using news judgment to advise faculty, staff and administrators about the coverage that may result.
  7. Initiates, writes and edits news and feature stories for the UConn Advance and the Connecticut Alumnus or other publications, exercising sound journalistic judgment in developing proper focus to generate the desired response; exercises creativity and originality in developing interesting and readable copy.
  8. Produces lengthy, complex feature stories for the UConn Journal, using organizational skills, creativity and news judgment.
  9. Conducts interviews with appropriate individuals as needed to develop stories keeping in touch to fact check story with those involved.
  10. Schedules and directs photographers to obtain photos for designated subjects and treatments to accompany stories or stand-alone.
  11. Plans, organizes and facilitates special projects such as press workshops, coordination of special events, and news conferences.
  12. Conducts weekly interviews with department heads about the newsworthy activities of their departments and assisting the department heads in avoiding potential public relations problems.
  13. Maintains contact and publicizes departments’ on-going activities, assists department staff in preparing public relations strategies, including advertising and marketing strategies.
  14. Provides coverage of on-campus and off-campus events of interest to the University.
  15. Produces stories for special interest publications such as science magazines, etc. and develop and market suitable ideas to such publications.
  16. Attends lectures, speeches, meetings and other events to develop and maintain personal contacts as possible sources of pertinent news information and remain up-to-date on current practice in journalism and public relations.
  17. Reads local, state, and national publications to maintain in?depth awareness of public events and to remain abreast of events in public relations, world, regional and local affairs.
  18. Perform related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications or closely related field
  2. At least five years of newspaper experience, at least some of which has been on a daily newspaper; or equivalent public relations experience.
  3. Evidence of masterful writing.
  4. Ability to meet deadlines, take initiative and willingness to work flexible hours when activities fall outside normal working hours.
  5. Tact and superior interpersonal/communications skills and techniques
  6. Knowledge of news operations and the needs of reporters
  7. Must be a self-starter and able to work without guidance, and make snap judgments based on sound journalistic background.

Date Created: 6/28/85