Voluntary Resignation

Faculty and staff are encouraged to provide as much notice as possible to ensure a smooth transition of work when they are resigning, transferring to another department or State Agency, or retiring. The notification should be in writing and indicate the following:

  • Last day of work
  • Reason for resignation
  • Forwarding address, if different from current address
  • Date
  • Signature
Employees Reference Resignation in Good Standing Requirement
Represented by Statewide Bargaining Units
Maintenance and Service (CEUI) (NP-2)
Administrative Clerical (AFSCME) (NP-3)
Police and Fire (NP-5)
Social and Human Services (AFSCME) (P-2)
Administrative and Residual (A&R) (P-5)
C.G.S. Sec. 5-243-1 2 weeks notice for non-supervisory employees, 4 weeks notice for supervisors
Represented by UConn Bargaining Units
UCPEA Contract Article 7.1 One month's notice, employees must work at least 10 workdays on the job prior to leaving or forfeit one day of paid vacation for each day less than ten days worked. This requirement may be waived by the appropriate Vice President, Director, or designee.
AAUP University By-Laws Article XIV.F Earliest possible opportunity

Please note that if you will be transitioning directly into retirement, you should provide at least one month notice to ensure the timely commencement of State of Connecticut retirement benefits.

Rescinding/Changing Your Resignation

Once you have submitted your written notice of resignation, you no longer have a guarantee of your job should you wish to rescind your resignation or extend your resignation date.

Employees in the statewide bargaining units have up to one year following their resignation date to rescind their resignation as outlined in General Letter No. 177. Under this General Letter, eligible individuals may be reinstated to classified job classes in which they attained permanent status.  Note:  the names of former employees who have rescinded their resignation will not appear on any reemployment/recall lists, and agencies are under no obligation to rehire a former employee who has resigned in good standing. The employee must apply and be selected for a classified position to be reinstated.