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Voluntary Schedule Reduction Program (VSRP)


The Voluntary Schedule Reduction Program (VSRP) was developed by the State as a cost savings measure and is authorized by Section 5-248c of the Connecticut General Statutes.  Under the VSRP, employees may take unpaid time off without affecting their other benefits.

  • Participation in the VSRP is voluntary.
  • Management approval is required.
  • Requests cannot be approved if the leave would result in overtime costs or have a significant impact on critical services.
  • The VSRP may not be substituted for medical leave.
  • The employee or his/her management may cancel time off under the VSRP up to and including the day prior to the date of the scheduled time off.
  • The VSRP is not subject to the grievance or arbitration procedure.


Permanent employees as provided by Section 5-196 of the Connecticut General Statute are eligible to participate:

  • Classified employees (NP-2, NP-3, NP-5, P-2, P-5) who have completed their required working test.
  • Unclassified employees (UCPEA, AAUP, Managerial/Confidential, Law School Faculty) who have completed six months employment.
  • Excludes employees in positions funded in whole or in part by the federal government as part of any public service employment program, on the job training program or work experience program.


  • Sporadic Days Off – individual full days or partial days off.   Classified employees may not take consecutive days off.  (Monday/Friday is not considered consecutive.)
    Note:  The Governor waived the consecutive days off limitation for classified employees from March 11, 2009 until further notice.
  • Work Schedule Reductions – a reduction in scheduled weekly hours that does not result in an employee falling below the minimum required for health insurance benefits.
  • Leaves of Absence – a leave of absence of more than 5 consecutive days, not to exceed 24 weeks per application unless for educational purposes.  This option is not available to classified employees.


Time off under the VSRP generally has no impact on benefits, as described below:

  • Employees continue to receive subsidized health and life insurance benefits.
  • Employees receive full credit toward seniority, longevity and retirement.  Additionally, for State Employee Retirement System (SERS) participants earnings for unpaid leave taken under the VSRP are not impacted.  In other words, salary that would have been earned will be added to actual earnings when determining the three highest earnings years used in the calculation.
  • Employees continue to accrue vacation.
  • Classified employees continue to accrue sick leave.
  • Employees receive holiday pay with no regard to VSRP time off.
  • Time off under the VSRP does not count as time worked for purposes of determining overtime pay.


  1. Employee – Employees are required to apply for long-term leaves of absence through CORE-CT at the UCONN employee self-service portal located at
  2. Supervisor – Complete the supervisor section of the application on which you indicate your approval or denial of the request.  If denied, the form is returned to the employee.  If approved, forward the form to the Human Resources Leave Administrator.
  3. Human Resources Leave Administrator –Review application for compliance.  If in compliance, estimate savings and distribute copies of the application to employee, supervisor, and Payroll.  If not in compliance, return to supervisor with explanation.
  4. Employee and Supervisor – When time reporting, use time code VL for time away from work through the VSRP.  Notify the Human Resources Leave Administrator of any cancellations of approved time off under the VSRP.   For all other changes, complete a new application.
  5. Human Resources Leave Administrator –Reports changes in approved leaves to Payroll.

Employees are required to apply for long-term leaves of absence through CORE-CT at the UCONN employee self-service portal located at



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