Classification and Compensation

The University has established compensation and classification practices that support the recruitment, motivation, and retention of great employees while ensuring compliance with local, state and federal laws and regulations as well as University and Statewide collective bargaining agreements.

Human Resources Workforce Solutions Team is responsible for the management and oversight of classification and compensation matters for the University.  Specifically, the Team is responsible for:

  • Developing and maintaining job templates for all jobs represented by the University of Connecticut Professional Employees Association (UCPEA).
  • Liaising with the State Department of Administrative Services on the development and maintenance of statewide civil service job specifications and compensation.
  • Reviewing and approving requests for job reclassifications through the evaluation of employee job change questionnaires and desk audits.
  • Administering University procedures, state and federal regulations, and collective bargaining agreements which pertain to classification and compensation matters.
  • Conducting internal and external market salary analyses for administrator and professional staff positions.


  • Faculty Titles Dictionary
  • AAUP Faculty Minima
    The AAUP faculty minima for the upcoming academic year, 2020-2021 is as follows:

    Assistant Professor - $45,000
    Associate Professor - $63,501
    Professor - $85,676

  • Reclassification Request for Research Assistants/Research Associates/Academic Assistants form

    The completed packet must include the Reclassification Request for Research Assistants/Research Associates/Academic Assistants form, and a current resume.

    Please complete and forward the packet with original signatures through the supervisory chain including the Dean/Director’s office for proper signatures. The completed packet can be returned to emailed to (preferred) or mailed to Human Resources at Unit 5075.


Classification Audits

The purpose of an audit is to ensure proper job classification of a position. The audit also provides an opportunity to maintain communication with managers and employees.

Procedure for Classification Review

  1. Immediate Supervisor: Submits a request for classification review to Human Resources at Requests should include employee’s name and employee number. Audit packets will be sent directly to the supervisor with the employee copied. Please note: Employee must have completed their working test period and obtained or hold permanent status in the classified system. Temporary/Durational employees cannot be reclassified through the audit process.
  2. Employee: Completes the job audit packet in its entirety and forwards to immediate supervisor.
  3. Immediate Supervisor: Reviews content, makes comments (as needed), signs and prints name on reverse side of Duties Questionnaire Form. Forwards packet to Dean, Director or Department Head for second signature.
  4. Dean, Director, or Department Head: Reviews content, signs and prints name on reverse side of Duties Questionnaire Form and returns completed packet to Human Resources, Unit 5075.
  5. Human Resources: Reviews completed packet and determines if further clarification is needed from employee and/or supervisor. If additional information is needed, an on-site or phone appointment may be scheduled. Human Resources analyzes audit requests and makes recommendation for appropriate classification. The recommendation may be for a promotion, lateral title change, or it may be determined that the current classification is consistent with the job duties.

    If the recommended title is not on the Decentralized Classification Authority Agreement, audit materials will be submitted to Department of Administrative Services for review.

    Human Resources issues final audit results to immediate supervisor. If audit determines a title or salary change, results will include a letter detailing the changes. The department has the option to approve reclassification and promote employee or remove higher level duties and maintain employee’s current classification.

Required Documentation and Instructions for Completing Audit Packet

  1. Duties Questionnaire Form (PER-130) – Employees must use this form to list current job duties. If additional space is needed after completing the DQ you may then attach an additional sheet to the packet. Please note that the total percent of time must equal 100 percent.

    During a recent audit, Human Resources was advised that employees must use the space provided for the “Description of Duties” on the Duties Questionnaire. If additional space is required, employees may indicate “see attached for remaining duties” and attach an additional sheet.

  2. State of Connecticut Master Application – Employees must use this form to list all applicable employment history. Please note that if you have held two different position titles in one department, they should be listed separately. Please download or print a copy of the Master Application and include it with your audit materials.
  3. A current organizational chart must be attached. An organizational chart should demonstrate the positions in the department (not the employees). The position being reviewed should be highlighted.

Human Resources will not accept audit packets that do not include a completed Duties Questionnaire (DQ) and Application for Examination or Employment (CT-HR-12). Both forms should be completed thoroughly.

Wilbur Cross at UConn