University Organizational Structure

To request a change to the University's organizational structure, please follow the processing steps, below, ensuring that your pdf request form and all supporting documentation are attached to your email request for the change(s).

Note: Requests to change the Organizational Structure must be approved by an Organization Head at a level to which the changing Organization reports, accompanied by supporting documentation. (e.g. official announcement, offer letter, etc.) In addition, official approval from the Board of Trustees may be necessary for organization name changes.

Change Manager ID No specific effective date restriction
Change Reports To 1st day of current pay period*
Change Org Name No specific effective date restriction
Change Org Level 1st day of current pay period*
Org Inactivation No specific effective date restriction
Add New Org 1st day of current pay period*

* Timely submittal is critical for changes that must be effective at the start of the current or future pay period (at the time of the submittal to Core - CT). If the deadline is missed it will be processed and effective in the following pay period.

The timeframe for all changes to take effect in the system can be up to two weeks, dependent upon all actions that need to be taken based on the changes (e.g. security and/or proxy impacts). Please consider these timelines when submitting requests; submitting them before the change effective date if possible.


Level Short Description Long
General Definition Guidelines
3 UOC-Pres UConn President President Level 3 or 4 are Mandatory
4 UOC-Divs UConn Division Divisions: EVP's (Provost, CFO), President Level 3 or 4 are Mandatory
5 UOC-VP-Cab UConn VP Cabinet VP (Vice President or Vice Provost) and/or President's Cabinet Optional
6 UOC-AVP-DN UConn AVP Dean Associate or Assistant VP's and Deans; or those considered by the University to be at an equivalent level to said titles Level 6 or 7 are Mandatory
7 UOC-DisGrp UConn Discipline Discipline or Group with a heads of generally equivalent authority (Example: Social Sciences in CLAS), generally with Associate Dean as head for Academic areas Level 6 or 7 are Mandatory
8 UOC-Dept UConn Department Departments ("Offices") with Heads & Staff (Academic Dept Heads & Executive/Administrators, or equivalent authority) Optional but common (Lowest level given authority for approving Smart HR, etc)
9 UOC-SbDpt1 UConn Sub Department (1) Departments ("Offices") at a lower level; with generally no internal "head" for that Department and/or no staff Optional
10 UOC-SbDpt2 UConn Sub Department (2) Lower level departments (Org/Dept Codes with no staff, clearing accounts, etc) Optional