Employment Verifications

Employment or Wage Verification

Employment verification requests should be submitted to the Department of Human Resources at HR@uconn.edu. Wage verifications should be submitted to the Payroll Department to Sharon Watson. Please review the information below carefully to ensure your request is appropriately routed.
PLEASE NOTE: Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, Human Resources and Payroll staff are currently working remotely so there may be a delay in responding to requests submitted via fax.


Human Resources accepts written requests for:

  • Confirmation that an individual is or was employed at UConn (not including UConn Health*).
  • Confirmation of an individual’s Name, Title, Dates of Employment, and Department.

Employment verification requests for Human Resources may be submitted via e-mail (HR@uconn.edu) or via fax (860-486-0378).

HR Service Desk
(P) 860-486-3034
(F) 860-486-0378


The Payroll Department accepts requests for:

  • Verification of employment for mortgage approval or other financial reasons.
  • Affirming or negating salary information about a past or present employee.
  • Confirmation that a student is or was employed at UConn.

Wage verification requests for Payroll may be submitted via e-mail to Sharon.watson@uconn.edu or via fax (860-486-4296).

Verifications for Student Employees
Payroll Department
Mortgage Verifications
Sharon Watson
(P) 860-486-2423
(F) 860-486-4296

  • If employment or wage information is to be provided to a third party (attorney, leasing agent, mortgage company, etc.), a release form signed by the employee must accompany the request.
  • If you require a letter for the purpose of verifying employment (Human Resources), or confirmation of earnings or deductions (Payroll), please contact the appropriate office 3-5 business days in advance. Indicate the number of copies that you require and make sure that you are as specific as possible regarding the information that is to be provided.
  • Human Resources or Payroll are unable to verify future employment. If you must present proof of future employment at UConn, please provide the requesting individual/agency with a copy of your offer letter; or, request a verification letter from your hiring department.

*Requests for current or former UConn Health employees may be submitted via fax to 860-679-1051.