A Guide to Unclassified Offer Letters

In general, offer letters define the terms and conditions of employment for individuals who are being invited to accept a new position at the University of Connecticut. Because these letters personalize individual employment conditions as well as the parameters of future changes, they provide a balanced overview to prospective faculty and unclassified staff about to make a decision. The letters are also a significant first step in the process of new employee orientation.

Letters for faculty and unclassified staff positions (Management Exempt Executive and Administrator, Faculty, Non-teaching Professional Staff, University Postdoctoral Fellow, Graduate Assistant, Adjunct Faculty and Other Special Payroll Appointments) are available through PageUp.

Template offer letters are available in PageUp and contain "merge fields" that will populate with information inputted by hiring departments through PageUp. All letters contain boilerplate language that must be included. Offer letters may be downloaded in PageUp, revised, and re-uploaded before distribution.

Within PageUp, each letter lists variables which may differ by employee type. Before you merge the letter in PageUp, it would be wise to review the variables for applicability. Please note that some variables, such as reimbursement of moving expenses and tenure, are limited to specific titles. Omissions are purposeful.

These are not intended to be form letters, but the language has the virtue of being vetted for compliance with relevant contractual and legal provisions. If you need to say something that is significantly different, contact your Human Resources Associate who will be happy to assist and certainly will appreciate the opportunity to consult before the letter goes out.

The following letters are issued outside of PageUp:

Tenured Administrators Returning to the Faculty

Graduate Assistants

Sample Non-Renewal Letters