Career Progression – Framework Library

The Career Progression Framework Library was created to allow departmental designees to upload the Career Progression Frameworks for their department or unit directly into the library for review and approval by Human Resources. Career Progression Frameworks should not be uploaded to the Library until all internal department approvals and signatures are complete on the form. Please use the steps outlined below to upload and fill out the information for each position’s Career Progression Framework (employee name, payroll title, level, supervisor, etc.). Please note: Only specific departmental designees will have access to view and upload the Frameworks for their department in the library. Please contact your department administrator with questions on who will upload frameworks.

To aide Supervisors in developing the Career Progression Framework, Human Resources has developed broad definitions of each competency and measurable and observable competency statements for each competency across all three ranks, which can be found in the Competency Library. In addition, Supervisors may view the Tutorials and Training or Supervisor Guide for Creating the Career Progression Framework as resources to aide in creating the frameworks.

As the nature of the work or the goals of the unit or position changes, Supervisors should update and revise the Career Progression Framework. For questions about creating your framework, please reach out to your HR Specialist.

Career Progression Framework Library Step Guide.

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