2020-21 Health Care Open Enrollment

2020-2021 Health Care Open Enrollment

The Health Insurance Open Enrollment for State of Connecticut employees is underway and will end on Wednesday, September 30, 2020. Any changes you make during open enrollment will be effective October 1, 2020.

There are several important updates this year:

  • Individuals currently enrolled in UnitedHealthcare/Oxford will be automatically transitioned to the equivalent Anthem plan effective October 1, 2020 unless they elect to enroll in a different plan. No action is required for those who wish to enroll in the equivalent Anthem plan.
    Current UnitedHealthcare/Oxford Plan Equivalent Anthem Plan
    Oxford HMO Anthem State BlueCare POE Plus
    Oxford HMO Select Anthem State BlueCare POE
    Oxford Freedom Select POS Anthem State BlueCare POS
  • There is a new plan option - Anthem BlueCare Prime Plus POS Plan.
  • There is a new centralized benefits website
  • There is a new Health Navigator tool available via telephone, web, and online messenger chat; this tool is designed to help anyone on the state plan navigate their health benefits, including finding doctors/facilities, answering questions about benefits, and troubleshooting problems.

During open enrollment, you may change medical and/or dental plans, add or drop coverage for your eligible family members, or enroll if you previously waived coverage. You may also enroll in the Health Enhancement Program (HEP), if you have previously waived enrollment.

Information on plan offerings and changes for the upcoming year is available on the Care Compass website.

Employees who want to make changes to their benefit plans during this open enrollment period may directly enter changes to their benefit plans in Core-CT through September 18th. Alternately, employees may contact Human Resources at benefits@uconn.edu to request a personalized enrollment form through September 30, 2020. If a dependent is being added to insurance, a copy of supporting documentation (i.e. marriage license, long form birth certificate, etc.) is required.

For more information, contact
Human Resources.

New Insurance Cards (September 25th Daily Digest)

Employees enrolled in health insurance through the State of Connecticut will receive new Medical/Pharmacy and Dental insurance cards in the near future. Remember to put these new cards in the same place that you kept the old ones. Be sure to shred or cut up the old cards to protect your privacy and prevent confusion at your next visit to the dentist or doctor.

These new cards include the Health Navigator contact information. Health Navigators are available 24/7 to help employees and their dependents with billing and claims issues, answer questions about coverage, and assist with all medical and dental care needs.

To request additional insurance cards, you can contact Anthem via Health Navigator at 866-611-8005 or Cigna at 800-Cigna24 (800-244-6224).


Before October 1, every health plan participant will receive a new Anthem card, even if the employee did not make changes to their current medical plan during Open Enrollment. After October 1, Employees who did make changes during Open Enrollment will receive a second Anthem card reflective of those changes.

This single card from Anthem covers both your Medical and CVS/Caremark Pharmacy needs, and it includes your new Member ID and Group numbers.


Employees will receive a new Cigna Dental card by October 15th.

For more information, contact: Anthem Health Navigator or Cigna at the numbers above.

The UConn Open Enrollment Fair will be held virtually on Tuesday, September 15, 2020 from 10am – 11am via the following link:

Virtual Enrollment Fair

2020-2021 Healthcare Options Planner

Open Enrollment Job Aid for using e-Benefits through 9/18