Executive Leader Onboarding

Executive Leader Onboarding

Welcome to the University of Connecticut!

We are pleased to have you as a member of our leadership team. We are excited about the contributions you will make to help the University achieve its mission and vision. Whether you were hired internally from the UConn’s ranks or externally from another institutions and setting, we are committed to supporting your success.

The University leadership team collaborates with offices across the University to implement an Executive Leaders Onboarding program to provide information and guidance to support your effectiveness as a UConn leader. The Executive Leader Onboarding Program:

  • Orients new leaders to the multifaceted aspects of UConn, including its operations across multiple campuses and regions of the state.
  • Builds understandings about the University’s role as Connecticut’s flagship land, sea, and space grant university.
  • Provides insights about the various forces the influence our actions and decision making.
  • Provides opportunities for leaders to form connections with other leaders so they can consider ways enhance the University’s operations, programs, and reputation.



Session I (Storrs): Wednesday, September 20th
Session II (Stamford): Thursday, November 2nd
Session II (Hartford): Wednesday, November 29th

Spring 2024 sessions will take place on the Waterbury, UConn Health, and Avery Point campuses. Dates for these events will be posted when this information becomes available.


Executive Leaders: Executive Leaders are leaders at the highest level of management within the institution. These individuals are assigned to lead the University or an institutional division (i.e., an administrative unit with programs that serve the entire University) or unit (e.g., school/college) and have high-level and broad-reaching responsibilities. They typically hold specific powers delegated to them by the University Bylaws. Their primary responsibility is to set the strategic mission and vision for the University. Executive Leaders include individuals with the following titles at UConn or UConn Health:

  • President
  • Executive Vice Presidents
    • Provost and EVP for Academic Affairs
    • EVP for Health Affairs
    • EVP for Administration and Chief Financial Officer
  • Deans (I.e., CEO of Schools/Colleges)

Senior University-Level Leaders:
Senior Leaders are individuals who report to executive leaders and have responsibilities to lead and support efforts (or aspects of efforts) to help the University achieve its goals. They are responsible for enacting the University’s mission and vision as directed by the Executive Leaders, by setting strategic direction and objectives for their specific units with the primary goal of supporting the University in achieving its mission and vision. Senior university-level leaders include, but are not limited to individuals, with the following titles:

  • Vice President or Vice Provosts
  • Assistant/Associate Vice President or Vice Provost
  • Regional Campus Directors
  • Chief of X (e.g., Chief of Staff, Chief of Police)


The Executive Leader program involves a series of in-person and virtual onboarding sessions designed to:

  • Describe UConn’s organizational, operational, and political context as Connecticut’s public flagship institution
  • Facilitate a peer network of new executives
  • Inform about current system-wide goals and initiatives
  • Present UConn’s diversity, equity, and inclusion history, status, and aspirations
  • Identify and introduce key personnel important for new senior or executive leader success
  • Help leaders understand how decision making occurs at the institutional level, including who influences it and where the centers of (informal and formal) power resides
  • Provide a resource for discussing new executive driven questions

Topics addressed include, but are not limited to:

  • Organizational Structures -- How is UConn Organized and Why?
  • Governance Structure (BOT, Faculty Governance)
  • Government Relations (Dos and Don’ts)
  • Communications (Dos and Don’ts)
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion -- Supporting the vision
  • Policy Development and Compliance Issues at UConn
  • Human Resources: practices, resources, and understanding union relationships

New senior and executive leaders are notified about the schedule of activities, which include sessions at each of the UConn campuses (i.e., Avery Point, Hartford, Stamford, Storrs, & Farmington – UConn Health)


The Executive Leaders Program Workgroup.

  • Lakeesha Brown, VP Human Resources, UConn Health
  • Michelle Everard, Project Manager, Provost’s Office (Support Staff)
  • Nicole Gelston, General Counsel, UConn
  • Jeffrey Hines, Chief Diversity Officer, UConn Health
  • Kathleen Holgerson, Director, Women’s Center
  • Andrea Keilty, Chief of Staff, UConn Health
  • Gladis Kersaint*, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Brandon Murray, HR Manager (Communication, Training & Development)
  • Johannah Gorgone, HR Manager (Employee Engagement and Wellness)
  • Jonelle Reynolds, Director of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Frank Tuitt*, Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer
  • Jim Wohl*, Ombuds

“*” denotes program leads

Have questions or accommodation requests?

Contact Human Resources at hr@uconn.edu or (860) 486-3034.

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