Military Leave of Absence

Leaves of absence are specified by Federal law, State of CT statute, University policy, a collective bargaining contract, or a combination thereof.

Your Rights UNDER USERRA (The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act)

Who Qualifies

Full-time permanent employees (or part-time employees who have worked the equivalent of six or more months) who are members of the U.S. Armed Forces or any of its reserve components and who are ordered to active duty for required field training or for an unscheduled emergency are entitled to military leave from their jobs.

Duration of Leave

Employees who are ordered to mandatory field training may receive up to three weeks of military leave with pay annually. Consult the Collective Bargaining Agreement for the definition of “annually” for the particular bargaining unit. Where such definition is not explicitly stated in the agreement, the University will use the statutory definition of “annual” as a calendar year.

Employees who are ordered to active duty as a result of an unscheduled emergency (natural disaster, civil disorder) are entitled to paid military leave, position held, not to exceed 30 calendar days in a calendar year.

In keeping with Section 5-255 of the General Statutes any employee who leaves or had left State service for the purpose of entering the armed forces of the United States shall be reinstated in his/her former position and duties, provided that within ninety days after he/she has received a certificate of satisfactory service from the armed forces, he/she makes of has made application for return to State service (this section does not apply for voluntary re-enlistment).

Procedure for Notification to the University

Employee who are required to report for annual field training must provide Human Resources and their supervisors with a copy of the appropriate military orders prior to being released for duty. Employees must submit the leave request through CORE-CT and upload a copy of the military orders into the leave request.

Employees who are required to report for active duty as a result of an unscheduled emergency must provide Human Resources and their immediate supervisor with a copy of the active duty orders. If the orders state more than 30 days, then the employee must complete additional forms with Human Resources.

Employees are required to apply for long-term leaves of absence through CORE-CT at the UConn employee self-service portal located at

Leave Administrator

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