Benefits Videos

Benefits play an important role in your total compensation from UConn. To help you better understand those benefits, Human Resources created videos as a complement to the information we make available on our website.  Click on the appropriate link based on your employee affiliation and description.

Employee Affiliation Description
American Association of University Professors, AAUP Teaching Faculty, Research Scientists, and Research Scholars Job title includes one of the following words/phrases:

- Professor
- Instructor
- Lecturer
- Educator
- Research Scientist
- Research Scholar

Job Title - Adjunct Faculty
Job Titles - Research Assistant
- Research Associate
- Facilities Scientists
- Academic Assistant
Athletic Department Job Title includes one of the following words:

- Coach
- Specialist
- Trainer

University of Connecticut Professional Employees Association, UCPEA Professional staff engaged in administration, such as academic advisors, accountants, computer programmers, financial aid staff, librarians, research administrators, student affairs personnel, and health care professionals
Connecticut Employees Union Independent, CEUI, NP-2 Maintenance employees, such as custodians, maintainers, trade workers and animal care
Connecticut Police & Fire Union, IUPA/IAFF, AFL-CIO, NP-5 Hazardous Duty Jobs designated as Hazardous Duty by the Retirement Services Division, such as police officer and firefighter
Non-Hazardous Duty Jobs working in protective services that do not qualify for Hazardous Duty Retirement, such as dispatchers and building and grounds patrol officer
American Federation of County and Municipal Employees, AFSCME, NP-3 Clerical employees, such as secretaries, processors and administrative assistants
Management & Confidential
Law School Faculty
Postdoctoral Research Associates
Temporary Special Payroll Qualified for subsidized medical benefits under the Affordable Care Act Appointment term is greater than 6 months AND work schedule is 30 or more hours per week
Not qualified for subsidized medical benefits under the Affordable Care Act Appointment term is less than 6 months OR work schedule is less than 30 hours per week

Please note that the benefit videos were designed for job seekers and new employees with no prior State of Connecticut service. Current employees and rehires should take note of the following: the retirement plans for new hires changed as a result of the 2017 SEBAC agreement, as did the biweekly medical contributions for employees represented by a union.