Academic Advisory Center Director

Payroll Title: UCP VIII
Class Code: 0801-9088
Job Family: EDU
FLSA Code: E
Score: 621


Under the general direction of designated administrator, supervises, develops and administers an academic counseling program for a school, college or division, to meet undergraduate student needs related to selection of academic curriculum and educational and career goals.


  1. Responsible for supervising and developing the academic advising system for school/division/college
  2. Advises and counsels students in planning an academic program and choosing an educational career goal.
  3. Reviews and approves student requests for readmission, change of college/major, dual degree programs, student withdrawals or transfers into or out of the school/college/division.
  4. Evaluates student records, hears appeals and makes decisions regarding dismissals, exemptions, waivers and other academic matters.
  5. Identifies and resolves problems with departmental advising structures, conferring with faculty and administrators as appropriate.
  6. Coordinates and supervises registration and scheduling activities.
  7. Supervises the audit of student records and certifies degree candidates have met college/school/division requirements of graduation.
  8. Plans and supervises an orientation program for entering students.
  9. Interprets and applies University and college rules and regulations as they relate to admission into the academic programs, residency requirements, exemptions, substitutions and other academic requirements, serving as a resource regarding these matters.
  10. Represents the school/college/division by serving on various committees.
  11. Supervises counseling and office staff.
  12. Prepares, edits and disseminates information/brochures about academic regulations and options; prepares and/or edits copy for University catalog.
  13. Maintains on-going liaison with related campus departments and sending institutions.
  14. Maintains records, files and appropriate data system.
  15. Compiles and prepares statistical reports on enrollment, admissions, dismissals, registration, school changes and similar matters.
  16. Reviews and updates plans of study.
  17. Plans and/or participates in special projects such as career day, workshops, and seminars.
  18. Reviews student transcripts and makes admissions decisions regarding transfer of major within or into school/college.
  19. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Master’s degree in counseling or related field
  2. Two to three years experience as an academic advisor or counselor in an academic setting.
  3. Ability to exercise independent sound academic judgment.
  4. Good communication skills and ability to relate well to student, faculty and/or parents
  5. Supervisory ability
  6. Knowledge of academic programs in area to be served

Date Created: 6/28/85