Administrative Coordinator

Payroll Title: UCP V
Class Code: 0545-9085
Job Family: ADM
FLSA Code: E
Score: 488


Under the direction of designated administrator, assists in managing the business functions for an operation of small size and complexity, with narrow to moderate authority.


The focus of this position is on administrative support and coordination.  Incumbent will assist in managing administrative, fiscal, personnel and facilities maintenance functions in an operation of small size and complexity with narrow to moderate authority to make independent decisions, exercise judgment and resolve problems that are central to the operation and will normally have supervisory responsibility for a small to moderate number of support staff.


  1. Performs office management duties; directs the workflow and supervises the processing of administrative and personnel paperwork.
  2. Handles administrative matters for department/unit head as assigned and functions for him/her in business matters during his/her absence, as delegated.
  3. Assembles and interprets data, prepares administrative reports and handles correspondence for the department/unit head.
  4. Assists in the preparation of department/unit budgets; assists in managing approved budget, making decisions related to the appropriateness of requested expenditures.
  5. Supervises the maintenance of financial records for all department/unit funds and appropriations.
  6. Supervises, trains and evaluates administrative support staff; determines work assignments and work schedules, adjusting clerical assignments to accommodate priority needs; assists in determining staffing needs and making hiring decisions.
  7. Serves as a resource to students, staff and others regarding University and departmental policies and regulations.
  8. Monitors and reviews all personnel actions for accuracy and compliance with department and University procedures and resolves related problems as they arise.
  9. Represents the department/unit to other University and external offices and agencies in administrative matters that affect the operations of the department/unit.
  10. Advises and assists department head and staff in resolving budget and other business problems related to the department’s operations and programs.
  11. Oversees maintenance, safety and security of building and department facilities and resolves related problems as they arise; assists in planning and implementing remodeling and renovation projects.
  12. May be responsible for special projects or operations which may be ongoing and which require planning, coordination and supervision, and which are necessary to the work of the unit.
  13. Reviews administrative and internal operating procedures for efficiency and effectiveness and recommends improvements; establishes procedures to implement operational and/or fiscal policies.
  14. Devises, modifies and/or supervises the maintenance of complex filing systems and record keeping, which may be automated.
  15. Performs related duties as assigned.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in a discipline related to department/unit to be served or equivalent combination of training and experience.
  2. One to three years progressively responsible administrative experience
  3. Administrative, organizational and supervisory ability
  4. Good interpersonal skills, with ability to work effectively with the department/University staff, the University community and other individuals and groups.
  5. Ability to resolve problems efficiently effectively and independently.

Date created: 6/08/89