Administrative Manager II

Payroll Title: UCP VII
Class Code: 0701-9087
Job Family: ADM
FLSA Code: E
Score: 550


Under the general direction of designated administrator, manages and supervises administrative services and special projects of a Department/Division or School of moderate to large size and complexity.


Incumbents in this position will be responsible for a variety of administrative, fiscal and/or personnel as well as specialized functions.  Emphasis of the position will depend upon incumbent’s area of specialization.


  1. Participates in administrative planning and evaluation of policies, procedures and services.
  2. May supervise specialized operational units within the Department/Division or School with responsibility for implementing goals and establishing procedures for administrative or program services; evaluates quality of services and recommends improvements.
  3. Determines staffing needs in assigned area of responsibility, within established guidelines; selects, evaluates, trains and supervises administrative staff and other assigned staff; determines work assignments and work schedules.
  4. Plans, organizes schedules, may approve budget for and implement a variety of special projects; may coordinate the development of overall budget; maintain and monitor financial ledgers; prepare budget reports and forecasts and monitor revenues and expenditures.
  5. Interprets policies and procedures to assigned staff.
  6. Identifies and analyses problems regarding services and/or personnel; recommends solutions.
  7. May be assigned responsibilities for other departmental services or projects, which may be on going or short-term, and which require planning, coordination, and supervision; such assignments are necessary to the department and may require specialized knowledge.
  8. Maintains close and cooperative relationship between Department/Division or School and faculty, students and external constituents; serves as a resource regarding information about programs, services, policies and procedures.
  9. May conduct payroll actions in assigned area of responsibility, in accordance with University policies and procedures and collective bargaining agreements.
  10. Supervises the maintenance of administrative records.
  11. Prepares annual and other periodic reports and coordinates statistical data.
  12. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in appropriate field.
  2. Four years experience in administration involving accounting, budget preparation, personnel management, purchasing or general business management OR Master’s degree appropriate to School/College or Division and at least two years of administrative experience.
  3. Excellent communications and interpersonal skills.
  4. Demonstrated experience or training in specialty area as required by School/College or Division to be served.

Date Revised: 9/13/99