Assistant Orientation Coordinator

Payroll Title: UCP V
Class Code: 0551-9085
Job Family: STU
FLSA Code: E
Score: 485


Under the general direction of designated supervisor, assists in developing, implementing, coordinating, and evaluating programs which provide information and assistance for prospective and current students, their parents, campus visitors and the general public.


  1. Assists in administering orientation programs for new students entering the University, with specific responsibility for the Summer Parent Orientation Program.
  2. Coordinates weekday, Sunday and special campus tour programs, and other programs that may be assigned.
  3. Assumes primary responsibility for recruiting, selecting, training, and supervising student paraprofessionals who work with campus tour programs; assists in selecting and training summer orientation staff.
  4. Maintains accurate and current data, computer resources, scheduling process and staffing for all weekday, Sunday and special campus tours.
  5. Works with academic departments and other university offices to coordinates Parent Orientation Programs and campus tours.
  6. Prepares, compiles, and analyzes evaluations for new student orientation programs, prospective student open houses and campus tours.
  7. Assists in preparing and revising media presentations, publications, training manuals, and reports used by the Orientation/Tours Office.
  8. Represents the Orientation/Tours Office at on-campus presentations and on committees, as needed; and occasionally at off-campus presentations.
  9. Serves as a resource regarding all aspects of the University for prospective, new and current students, for the public, and for the student staff.
  10. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in related field
  2. Three years orientation or admissions experience.
  3. Ability to select, train, and supervise student paraprofessionals.
  4. Experience in writing and editing informational and promotional materials.
  5. Ability to evaluate programs.
  6. Computer literacy


  1. Master’s degree in Counseling/Student Affairs or related field in education
  2. Ability to communicate campus information and university policies.
  3. Public Relations experience.
  4. Strong oral and written communications skills

Date Created: 1/13/88
Date Revised: 9/14/99